• Unless it was to save her life - for example, to prevent her from pulling a pot of boiling water down upon her - I would file a complaint with the school and school board. If it was considered acceptable behavior I'd move to a different school district.
  • I would raise hell. But I would have to stop and ask why the teacher slapped my daughter in the first place - because it really isn't too common for people to slap other people's children. Are they unstable somehow? Did my daughter say something and they just snapped? Or is there the unlikely situation where she may have actually deserved a slap (again, really unlikely)? In any of these cases it is not really appropriate for a non-parent to slap a child. Not only that, I don't know if it would be a suitable social or learning environment for the child to be taught after such a scenario. So no matter what course of action I took, it would involve removing my daughter or her teacher from the classroom.
  • I would want to know all of the details as to why the teacher thought a slap was necessary. For example, if my child told the teacher to f*** off, I would apologize to the teacher for my child, and my child would actually long for the physical pain of a simple slap compared to the loss of privileges and grounding she will receive at home. I still don't think she was right to slap my child, but there is *no way* I'm going to side with my child if she behaved like that. Now, if the teacher slapped her simply because he/she was angry at my child for simply acting childish, I would probably pull my kid out of the class and file a complaint with the school.
  • Based on Newton's Law III, "For every action there is always an opposed equal reaction." I'm pretty sure that teacher would be getting a good hard slap.
  • I would go after her ass. Don't fool with my kids.. and no I 'm not one of those kinds of parents that say's my child never does wrong.
  • Give her a Star! bring back Corporal Punishment to the schools. Our society is being destroyed by the bleeding hearts that want to spoil there kids. No discipline turns out spoiled little Brats! Give the Principal back his Paddles with the holes in it!
  • Teach the teacher by example, I am going to slap the teacher.
  • I would beam up to my starship, then choose some guys in red shirts to beam back down and locate the school's power source (they'll, of course, run into opposition and all get killed). Then I'd launch a photon torpedo and destroy the school's power source.

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