• "Edwards continuing presidential run".
  • Senator Edward's wife finds cancer again.
  • 'Cricket coach was poisoned and strangled, police believe' (Daily Telegraph)
  • 'Flood Panic' (Daily Express) many people's homes and businesses have been devastated by the floods here in the uk. And the flood waters are still expected to rise further. Here in Oxford we are literally on the brink of disaster as the Thames is bursting it's banks. We are waiting anxiously to see if our homes will be flooded.
  • Officers arrested 2 of the finest policemen in custody
  • Floods!
  • Employers Cut Jobs in August The U.S. economy shed 4,000 jobs in August, as layoffs in the mortgage and construction industries combined with the ongoing slide in manufacturing employment to produce the first such monthly decline in four years.
  • I never read the paper, it's too damn depressing
  • Bucs Win!!! That was circa Monday but I don't care.
  • I had to check the website...this is the story on the homepage. I didn't read it... Candidates at odds on land claims Bailey calls for OPP action in native occupations while rivals seek faster diplomacy Posted 2 hours ago | Updated 2 hours ago By DAN McCAFFERY The Observer Bob Bailey says his party will get tough with natives who illegally occupy property during land claim disputes. Speaking Tuesday at a forum sponsored by the Golden ‘K’ Kiwanis Club, the Conservative standard bearer in Sarnia-Lambton said a Tory government would “tighten the trespass act” to deal with standoffs like the one in Caledonia, which has dragged on for 18 months. His remarks came a day after Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory promised to double fines for people who break trespassing laws. The issue has the potential to be explosive in this part of the province, where there are vivid memories of the bloody 1995 clash between natives and OPP officers at Ipperwash Provincial Park. That confrontation resulted in the death of aboriginal protester Dudley George and strained relations between natives and non-natives in north Lambton. “People see they can flout the law and government won’t do anything about it,” Bailey said. He added, “We’ve got to support the OPP. I know people in the OPP who have been given orders not to intervene (at Caledonia), not to do anything.” Bailey said the Caledonia situation has occasionally been violent. In one instance, he said, a shoving match took place when a non-native was prohibited from going to his home. When police arrived, he said, they arrested the non-native. And a home builder was beaten so badly that he is in “critical care” in a Hamilton hospital. “We’re going to change that,” he said. “I can make that commitment.” Asked by a member of the audience if a Conservative government would ask Ottawa to send in the army, Bailey said, “I would hope it wouldn’t come to that.” Advertisement Crafters Paradise, Sarnia, Ontario Bailey said he realizes there are fears there could be “another Ipperwash” if Queen’s Park takes action to end the standoff. But what’s going on now “wouldn’t have happened in the ’40s or ’50s. I know this is a different era, but I know damn well it wouldn’t be tolerated then.” After the meeting, Sarnia-Lambton Liberal MPP Caroline Di Cocco said the federal government needs to deal more quickly with native land claims. She noted the Ipperwash land claim situation still hasn’t been resolved. In other parts of the country, some disputes have dragged on for 100 years or more, she said. Still, she agreed that “those who break the law should suffer the consequences. In my opinion violence should not be tolerated on either side.” Green Party standard bearer Tim van Bodegom also called on Ottawa to speed up the land claims process. “I’m concerned about the guns-blazing mentality,” he said. “This may not get me many votes, but I believe diplomacy is definitely in order. This is a very sensitive issue.” NDP candidate Barb Millitt said later she was concerned with the tone of Bailey’s remarks. “We all have to live together,” she said. “We need to ensure that land claims are settled fairly, before conflicts start.”
  • Darren Mack Murder Trial moved to Las Vegas!
  • There's two: #1: Yanks May Lose Their Mo-Joe Rivera Says He'll Be Unhappy If Torre's Dumped #2: FEARLESS! Columbia prof says she won't be cowed by thug's vile act of hanging noose on her door.
  • Yes I would vote for the death penalty. Anyone that takes another person life by committing a heinous crime should have to pay by losing their life.
  • There you go our local paper in Scotland
  • its about the floods.
  • House Burns, Local VFD Saves Dog. That was my employee who saved the dog. He is a really good kid.
  • Metro Detroit reflects on scandal, new mayor

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