• To quote the great Xander Harris, "My entire life flashed before my eyes....Man, I've got to get a life!"...;-D...
  • I've been laid off and, for the time being, it feels like I have no life. I spend all day at home, looking for a job, cleaning, or just sitting on my computer and relaxing with a beer while looking for work online. No time for going out - no money to spend on anything fun. Just bills, an ever-shrinking amount of cash in the bank, and lots of "wanted, but not willing to pay you anything" ads from newspapers and magazines. Wolframn
  • I work. And sleep. And eat. So, for the time being I only have one-up on a newborn infant. Yes, one could say I have no life! :)
  • my cats think I do but what do they know.
  • i don't have much of a life since i don't have a job and no where really to go to. but i'm tring to change that, i hate not doing anything and feeling out of the loop for so long.
  • Me, nowadays. Everyone I know has either moved away or has settled down and rarely wants to have fun anymore....
  • I have AB, lots of fun stuff to do here.
  • Yes, I live for every weekend, for nothing!
  • Sometimes I think AB is overwhelming my life, and then nothing happens... So I log back on. I don't like to talk to strangers randomly, so how do I get a life?
  • I used to have a BIG life. It was filled with friends, events, parties, social everything. Now my life is very bland. VERY BLAND. And you know what? I wouldn't trade it for the old life for anything. So yes I have no life by choice.
  • Oh I have a really great life!! (",) +++
  • What this mean in my experience is you have too much time on your hands. You should brainstorm on ways to achieve your goals and set out to make them a reality. Its normal to feel that way sometimes, and its just a sign in my experiences.
  • Dead people. What do you classify as a "life"? I pretty much study every day for my University classes, I consider myself to have much more of a life than some loser who parties every day. Some people believe the exact opposite. It's hard to tell.
  • No I'm not into religion.
  • I've recently been made redundant so I have no job but that doesn't mean I don't have a life :). I've discovered a lot of free things to do with the kids and am actually enjoying this unemployment 'blip'.
  • yes, me

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