• I cannot find anything about dental insurance! I cannot find very much information at all. I don't know how much it is going to cost? I don't know what the co-pay will be when going to the doctors? How much do we have to pay for our prescriptions? Actually, I have not seen much details about anything.. I have many questions and cannot find any answers!! Take a look at this website, maybe you can figure it out..Good Luck→
  • i hope it will. see my blog for proposed health care reform plan that includes DENTAL and a 10% reduction in pay for those "dirtball bastards". btw, did you know that the average dentist generates revenue of $700,000 a year and, after business expenses, must live off of $200,000 a year. my kids' pediatrician, who studied 3 years longer than those dentists, and who works 30 hours a week more than those dentists, makes, if she's the average pediatrician, $55,000 less than dentists.

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