• That's one of the things the new health care legislation will address. Talking points from right wing radio cranks often omit important details like that when spewing propaganda - so don't worry about it.
  • There you go getting all logical on us again, LOL!
  • Hmmmm; sounds like the right place to start.
  • The even better question is, given the governments track record for programs that are riddled with fraud and waste, why we should believe this program would be any better about controlling them.
  • The new health care reform bill will adress the waste and fraud in Medicare and the money will be used for overall health care reform. Unfortunately those who are opposed health care reform frame it as though services will be taken away from seniors currently on Medicare in order to whip them up into an emotional frenzied opposition.
  • Why should they fix the waste problem when they have a inexhastable source of funding? That would be the taxpayer!
  • Because the Republicans in charge of such simply refuse to do anything about such.
  • $900 billion sounds rather steep. It implies that medicare/medicaid by themselves are, conservatively speaking, close to 10% of the U.S. economy. How much non-fraud is there? Because if it's 10% of the economy and has $900B in waste, it's almost ALL fraud. (The U.S. economy is $14T, so $900B is already 6-7% of the economy.) What fraud does exist (and there certainly is some) is probably more at the state level. Federally speaking, medicare and medicaid are pretty well administered. I believe the administrative costs are about 1% of the budget, much lower than a private insurance firm.
  • Because the Dems were the ones in the lead for wasting the $$$. But they couldn't admit it. Still can't but now they are in the position to vocally blame someone else.
  • More revenue from taxpayers, I guess.
  • They're trying. As a matter of fact they're going to create a new federal program to study the waste and fraud. After the millions of dollars and years spent studying IF there is waste and fraud, they'll create another agency to commission a study on how to curtail the waste and fraud, but only after they have another study to determine whether the first study is accurate. Like how that works?

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