• I am going to assume that it is only leaking when the engine is running. (If that is not true then I would suggest a very careful inspection of the radiator and hoses at the bottom of the radiator). Turn it off. Rinse it with water. Let it sit and dry off. The have somebody start it. That should give you a good idea as to where it is leaking from. How fast is it leaking?
  • The hole could be very small. Keep looking. Trust me, if you look VERY closely, I'm sure you'll find it. And if you don't or can't, call the company. It might cost money to repair, but you could tell them your problem and ask them to at least tell you where the leak is.
  • This question was dulpicated. Search it to find MY answer.
  • A mystery, like this, can probably be traced back to the engine block freeze plugs. you never heard of this, i know. right? You may have to put your auto on a rack or racks, to locate the exact plug. Engine plugs are located at the bottom of a cars engine. their purpose is to prevent the engine from excess pressure within itself. if this occurs, the plugs are suppose to act like a valve and relieve this pressure. extremely cold weather can cause an idle engine to expand. Since this does not occur that often, the plugs begin to leak or begin to rust and thus the anitfreeze leak. you will have to follow the anitfreeze leak trail back to an engine plug. If this is not the problem, see a mechanic.
  • Park the car for awhile and see if you notice any antifreexe on the ground under the car.then look directly above that spot with a 100 watt light, take your time and look thorougly. It could be a blown head gasket and it goes into a cylinder instead of to the outside. If you still cant find it take it to a reputable garage. They have a test to determine if it is a head gasket leak. VERY EXPENSIVE ON MODERN CARS!!!!! Hope you find the leak!

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