• if there is an after life please contact me
  • Three things: (1) I love you. (2) I will miss you. (3) Thank you.
  • that i wish i had spent more time with them. and i love u
  • it would say many things. many personal things that you wouldn't get and i'd rather not explain. like "follow the hedgehog". don't even ask. but the main key points of the letter would say "i love you, i'm going to miss you. stay happy for me."
  • It would go a little something like this. My Dearest Edna I never thought this day would finally arrive and in so many ways I am scared. In my heart however I know it is time to let go of you and let you go to the loving arms of our Savior. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the nearly three beautiful years we had together first as friends and then the last two before your tragic passing as the love and light of my life. I thank God our Heavenly Father every day for letting me have you for that short time. No one in my whole life short of my mother ever made me feel so completly and truly loved til you walked into my life and loved me. In the little over 2 years we were involved as a couple you taught me more about true unconditional love than I ever could have expected to learn in my whole entire lifetime before you. As I am sure you know I have met someone recently who has helpd me learn to open my heart to the possibility of loving again and though I don't know what the future will hold for us and I have to admit I'm kind of scared but I know in my heart that I have to let you go in order for there to be any hope of truly opening up my heart to her or anyone else if it turns out that she is not the one. I don't want you to worry about me because I know in my heart I am in good hands with her. She is just like you in so many ways and when I look at her I see many of the same things that made me fall hopelessly inlove with you. Once again I am not sure what the future holds for us. With my luck I will probably end up stuck in the friends zone but I am not worried about that. I Just thank God that she came into my life when she did and taught me that it was ok to let go and love again. Maybe we will never be anything other than friends but at least now because of her I know that it is ok to let you go. Please don't look at this as goodbye but more like take care of yourself til we meet again one day. Though I am moving on it doesn't mean that I stopped loving you. You will always be number one in my heart but the time has come for me to let you go and to find the true happiness with another that we once shared together. I know that you will never be far from my heart and I have no doubt you will continue to watch over me from Heaven as you have done for the last 3 years. I love you now and for always. Love you always Louis
  • It would say.. sometimes when we touch the honesty's too much and i have to close my eyes..and cry.
  • Daddy Its been 5 months now and I think I have a better understanding of why you felt you must take control of your life this one last time. Your pain must have been so unbearable and I am so sorry that I didn't know it was that bad, I do for give you for leave me as I know we will meet again. I do wish you had said "Good BY' but thats OK, do you still get my calls in Heaven every night at 6:00? Until we meet again I love You, and Thank you for always believing in me and for always being there. Daddy's Girl
  • you made me who i am today..i thank you for being the only person who truly wanted to help me..i'm sorry if i've let you down so far..but i will succeed, i promise..i love and miss you very much
  • ..Why did you always have to be first? For you know I should of went long before you in that hearse. Your body may be gone for now. But your Spirit will always shine, in the eyes of other's somehow. Like the beauty in the morning star. We shall never forget, who our "TRUE FRIENDS" are. Goodbye for now my FRIEND. I'll see you later, for its not the end......Written by....M.C.S....6/21/2008....
  • Can you even imagine the postage cost? I lost my best friend, my dad. I was with him when he died, so Thank God I got to say; "I'll see you in the rainbows, I'll feel your hug in the warm spring breeze, I'll see your grin when I smile, I'll see your eyes when I look at your great grandson, I'll remember what you said when I need advice, and now as I say goodbye I know someday you'll come back for me, till then I'll hold you in my heart and go on and live because that's why you gave me life.
  • It would say... Dear Grandma, I'm sorry that I couldn't understand how much pain you were in. You were never one to show it. I"m also sorry, that I was mad at you for so long that last year that you were on this earth. You didn't feel good and I understand that now. That is why you were grouchy and short with people all the time. Yet, you were understanding with me and we still had a silent communication between us, you let me know how much you Loved me with out words and I let you know before you died how much I Loved you. You were my Rock,the one that I leaned on just like I said in your eulogy, borrowing the words from an old George Jones song. You were also my Best Friend and still are even though you are in Heaven and I know that you are much happier now. Oh how bright,shiney and beautiful your eyes got 2 weeks before your death. So clear and peaceful! So brwon! It was a nice Reunion before your Death. Surrounded by all of your Children,grandchildren and great grandchildren! You couldn't get over it at first I think you thought you were dreaming! But you weren't. Grandma, I know I have nothing to feel sorry about now. You were always forgiving and loving me in spite of myself. You are at Peace and so very Happy now and that is all that matters to me. You are in a Beautiful Place and I will always love you and Cherish the time we had together. October 14,1914-September 27, 2004. Always the Classy Lady! Love Your Grandaughter, Kathy
  • im sorry....
  • Dear love I wish you were still here for me to hold and tough. it has been a year already and its very hard to let you go. Our little girl is now 1 year and 6 months. she reminds me so much of you. she has your beautifull eyes. that wonderfull smille and her hear just the same as dady. she hugs me and kisses me with so much tenderness just like you use to. I have missed you so much and i am always thinking about you a day does not go by when i cry. i know you are gone yet my hears says you are near to us. i know that were ever you are you will be near our little girl to guide her and protect her. I canot say good bye even though you are gone. i am not ready to let go even if i know i have to. i wish you were still here to talk to you and make plans for our future. I love you and will always love you little one
  • Don't change a thing....very moving thanks for being able to share your heart & thoughts with us
  • I love you man. I know you don't know how to read, but if someone one else reads this please give Jake a nice big hug for me.
  • I love you man, but i hate to say i told you so. You signed up to be a murderer of the innocent, to be used like a tool by the people that shit on us every day, to bring destruction to the weak and the poor, to kill people you know absolutely nothing about. You wanted this. I don't feel sorry for you. I hope you have your peace.
  • May 9/05, I lost my son, Jeremy (31 yrs old), on Mother's Day and then, about five weeks later, on June 21/05, a day or so after Father's Day, I lost my step-son, Brady (18 yrs old). Both were sudden and unexpected. My son was an accidental overdose after a heartbreaking series of events - I am sure he only wanted to escape the pain he was in, and my step-son was in a horrific car crash, about one week after finishing his two years of chemotherapy and radiation for cancer, which he was diagnosed with when he turned 16. I would like to be able to say goodbye to both of my boys, as I miss them more each day. Instead of accepting it as time goes on, I seem to be regressing and missing them more. I guess it is the finality of it all creeping in, because the shock of it was too much to handle. Dear Jeremy and Brady, I love and miss you both, though I feel in my heart that you are together in Heaven. Every holiday or family event that comes along just brings painful reminders that you two are absent. Absent, but never forgotten. We think of you every day, but more so at these times. How could we not? I know that you both would want us to go on, and live our lives, but it is hard without you. We are selfish in wishing you to be here, I guess, but that is how we feel. Your brothers are still devastated and heartbroken. They cannot accept this huge loss. Please watch over them as they go through this tragic time. Jeremy, I know that you will continue to look out for your little brother, and Brady, I know that you will continue to look up to and adore your oldest brother. Please come to me in a dream, or any way that you can, to tell me that you are both okay. I am your mom and I still worry about you both. I guess that I always will. May God hold you both close to His heart for all eternity. And one day soon, I will be with you both again, and we will never be apart again. I promise. I love you and I miss you both. Our spirits never die, they merely travel on. May you both now be free to travel only the roads that you choose. And, if dogs go to Heaven too, then I am sure that Lanzar is with you both, and very happy to be reunited with you Jer. (Lanzar passed away a few months before Jeremy, and I placed his ashes in the casket with Jeremy, safely tucked under his arm, and close to his heart. Lanzar was Jeremy's dog, but more than a dog - he was Jer's 'baby'.) Love always and forever, Mom xoxo ps - Jer, even though I was with you when you passed, I will never be able to stop seeing the bottoms of your running shoes, in the throes of the incredible seizures you had that ultimately took you from me. I cannot rid myself of that image, and it is slowly destroying my spirit. Please help me to deal with these memories honey, memories of our last conversation, our admissions to each other of our love and friendship and more. I know that we said all there was to say, but please help me with all of this. I can't do it alone.
  • The thing is, I don't suppose he's lost, just hidden. And if he feels like coming back I'd like to see him. I miss him. So yeah, you were always my favourite. I miss the sweeties. I miss the accent. I miss you, really. And I'm past being bothered about what you did. It's just a bit rubbish you couldn't be bothered waiting around to see what I turned out like properly. Because you always thought I was going to be somebody important. Anyway. Night, then.
  • i would never write anything so personal on here
  • To my dad, although you left me before i had the chance to really get to know you, i still knew you as my dad. i will miss you terribly, its hard knowing the main male role in my life has been swept from under my feet. i was 13 when you passed and i think about you every night. i even still cry for you, wishing i could have just one more day with you, you taught me things ill never forget and i thank you dad. i hope your looking over me whilst im writing this as its coming from the heart. i miss you dad, i will see you in the future when my time has come but for now, wait for me, ill be looking forward to us being together again. i found a poem and although the words are not my own, i feel the same for you. I was cleaning today and I found a picture of you, It caused all these memories and feelings to start, Visions of the times we shared, good and bad ones too.. Then there were the ones from the day my life was ripped apart.Tears now begin to fall, I can still remember the sound of my breaking heart, As the doctor told me in that hall, That with this life you are now about to part. I cried a million tears that day, It was like a dream gone bad, It had me asking god how could he do me this way, Why would he want to make me so sad ? Of all the people in the world why were you his choice, I wish I could have told him first that I needed you too, If only I could hear the sound of your voice, Calling my name, saying hello or even I love you. I wonder if he thought of how I’d feel, I know I’m told he always picks the best, I’m also told in time my heart will heal, But why you above the rest ? Didn’t he know what we’d been through, That we had just gotten it together again, That I had finally gotten you to say you love me too, I could finally say “That’s my dad he’s such a great man”. Daddy I hope you know I only wanted you to be proud, Daddy’s girl is what I wanted to be, If you would have only said it out loud, Maybe things would have been different for you and me. I was guilty to, Always doing everything wrong, And then saying I was taking after you, Why did it take us so long? To figure out, That I was your little girl, And that without a doubt, You were my world. I miss you more every day, The memories and pictures are all I have now, I cherish them more each day, Someday, I don’t know when or how, We will meet face to face, And I will see you, And we will share your special place, And once again I can hear you love me too. I will love you forever.. Daddy I LOVE YOU SO MUCH xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • to my grandad sean and paddy miss you's although i was only young when you's dead i still got the memories and il never forget uses rip love frm ann xx
  • i wish youd come back, it wasnt supposed to be this way, you should still be here, my life sucks more than usual without you in my life. nothing can or will EVER REPLACE YOU . ill love and miss you more than anyone knows. i cant wait to get my tattoo for you baby. just for you. i love you.

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