• i don't know coulnd't tell you but i think china's some tremondous mind.I mean they come out with "almost" anything :P and the indian people from what i have seen or notice;they take their eduaction very seriously. :)I hope this helps :(
  • why does it matter
  • Eskimos
  • I read that the Jewish race had the highest recorded incidence of genius IQs, followed by the Scots (not a race of course....).
  • No "race" has a lock on intelligence. What some races have is an expectation of excellence from their children. The Chinese and Japanese seem to have a lock on this. The parents are strongly and actively involved with their children's education, that is the key. All children learn best when their parents are involved. I would expect the Jewish people, run a close second in this respect. Again, it is not about race, it is about values and passing them on to your children.
  • The people of Atlantis. Although we have no definitive recordings of their intelligence there are legends of their mighty accomplishments.
  • Every country in Asia. (factual)
  • the human race.
  • The races of people that are the smartest and have the highest genius IQs ever recorded in the world would be all of the oriental asian race of people both males and females all over the world such as the japanese,chinese,koreans,cambodians,thais,singaporeans,filipinos and etc.with an IQ of 120 and higher with 90% of them pursuing higher education being straight A students,and valuing education extremely very highly.
  • The race of people that are smartest and that have the highest genius IQs ever recorded in the world would be all of the oriental asians only.
  • 8-19-2017 Define 'race', then we can discuss it.

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