• Raise one hand over your head making the Vee sign with your fingers. Stick the thumb of the other hand in your mouth and blow like it was a balloon stem. Pound your feet like you were sitting at a rock concert. Now turn the computer on.
  • Got wifi?
  • When I had a laptop I got internet through AT&T through Broadband I think?
  • Through broadband connection or Wifi (Wireless) connection..
  • Since it's a laptop, you are probably wanting to connect it to wifi: At top right of screen, you will see a wifi icon. Google image that if you are unsure of what it looks like. Click it. Click the name of the wifi network you want to connect to. If you are getting free wifi from someplace, then you shouldn't have to put in a password, and if you do, ask an employee to give you the password (sometimes places that offer free wifi will still have a password to prevent people just sitting in their parking lot and using it instead of actually going in their place.) If you are using your wifi at home and don't know your password, look at the router itself and your password will be printed there. Where depends on the router itself, but you may find it under "Network Key" or sometimes just "Password." This will be your password unless you have changed it, which you would remember doing. If you have no wifi at home, you'd have to go to places that offer free wifi to use it. (You'll only be able to use internet if in the general area of the wifi router.) To get wifi at home, you'll have to get a plan and pay for it. There are another ways to get internet to your laptop, but they are not more convenient that wifi at all. They would require a subscription service as well, and would require you to have your laptop plugged in to the cable at all times to receive internet unlike wifi. As for a browser to actually use the internet, your computer should by default have one, which one depends on the computer you have. Windows will have Microsoft Edge, and Mac has Safari. I recommend going onto those and downloading Google Chrome and use that as your browser instead.
  • get an internet company to come over and hook it up
  • By Connecting WiFi or Modem you can get internet for your laptop..
  • Connect the Wifi or Ethernet.

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