• I'll take Jamaica!!
  • Columbia is full of drugs and coffee. Israel is unsettled. Jamaica it is! You will love it. been there twice.
  • Jamaica mon, I ll be smokin da ganja
  • jamacia.. many historic places. ive climbed dunns river falls, been to moma marleys (bob marleys restaurant) and toured the island, seeing interesting culture and art
  • Jamaica definately. I have always wanted to go there one day
  • Columbia....No way. Isn't that still the most dangerous city in the world? Israel, I would think would only be your choice for religious reasons. So for Jamaica it is for me. Never been but can't wait to get the chance.
  • A vacation for what? To get shot, lol. What's up with these choices.
  • Definetly Jamaica.
  • Think I'll stay at home given those choices. :)
  • Jamaica for $2,000 Alex.....
  • jamaica. my boyfriend's home country
  • Israel... I'd like to go to Eilat. If I went to Jamaica I wouldn't want to leave the resort, and Columbia is not the kind of chilled holiday I need right now! =)
  • Jamaica
  • I'd love to go to Jamaica. I'd also love to go to Columbia, if it weren't for those pesky paramilitaries and their penchant for kidnapping.
  • For me it's gotta be Jamaica, even if it's rather dangerous outside of the resorts. Columbia = murder central Israel.... is just too damn contentious!
  • I wouldn't pay a cent to visit either. I'll stay home.
  • If you have not already made up your mind to go to Jamaica, maybe the following will convince you: Jamaica has bright white sands that sparkle. The ocean is three shades of beautiful blue water. As you ascend to land in Jamaica, the sight of the water will knock you out. its gorgeous. The people of Jamaica are very friendly. The people are clean and their children are dressed spit and polish for school each day. Jamacia grows its own vegetables. It will rain for about 15 minutes and then the sun reappears. just enough to keep everything green. Jamaica grows its own world-famous Blue Mountain Coffee. its great and very expensive in the U.S. There is a train ride to the top of the mountain that is just gorgeous. halfway up, the train will stop at a village and you can buy Jamacian-made clothing or be fitted and your clothes ready on the return trip down the mountain. I have saved the best till last.......... Jamaican Rum. it speaks for itself. Wife and i have stayed at The Holiday Inn each time we visit. The best plan is all-inclusive. which means for a fee, you can fly,stay and eat two meals a day at The Holiday Inn. the food is excellent. We have discovered this is the very best plan for us. I hope this little tour of Jamaica has convinced you that this is the very best choice for a vacation. Take a good camera. you will cherish these memories for a lifetime.
  • It depends on what you want out of your vacation and your tolerance for risk. At a Jamaican resort, risk is low and relaxation is high. In Columbia, risk is high, but you would be immersed in a genuinely foreign culture and could work on your Spanish. Israel is moderate risk and filled with interesting ancient historic sites. At this point personally I'd choose Jamaica though I've spent vacations in Israel and South America before.
  • I'll take Jamaica as long as it is all inclusive esort. +3
  • My husband said Israel is the most BEAUTIFUL country he's ever seen. .. . . . .especially the trees!
  • great choices! since i love history, i'd have to go with israel.
  • My husband just got home for lunch! He read your response,Kornflapper! He verified it was the Sea of Galilee that he recalled as being so beautiful! Below is a link for you to see! Look under aerial view.
  • Jamaica...friends who have been there have said it's beautiful.
  • Jamaica. I'd feel closer to my roots.
  • Columbia.
  • Jamaica.. it just has that vacation beat to it.

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