• Getting struck by lightning, I believe.
  • lightning
  • The likeliness of being killed by either is extremely low,though I guess the possibility of lightening is slightly higher.
  • Lightning by far. There are many people who are struck and many killed by lightning each year. I do not remember ever hearing about someone killed by an asteroid.
  • Well out of those 2 I'd guess it would be lightning. +5
  • Actually, the chances of both are much higher than popular culture makes it out to be. This is because national news channels do not really cover accidental deaths due to lightning. The chances of being struck by lightning are about 1/700000. Every year about 60-70 people in the United States are killed by lightning strikes. Being killed by an asteroid is somewhat in calculable because it doesn't happen that often but if an asteroid hits, almost everyone in the world could die at once. But some anecdotal semi-scientific reasoning puts its at about 1/500000. But this cannot be trusted as is Both are very low but you should probably ignore both threats. Or just stay indoors during a lightning storm.
  • I would guess lightning.

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