• I'd like to see all truly EVIL people vanish, immediately. +5
  • if I could change the world I would end all wars,heal the sick,feed the hungry and rise the dead or take away death,sorry I can't but is what Jesus plan to do for all mandkind
  • Maybe rewind hundred years back. Start over.
  • Remove all hate and replace with Jesus Chris's the Law of Love
  • Less flies.
  • I would like to stop the wars and hunger around the world
  • The world was made imperfect for a number of good reasons. Trials and opposition are an important part of our learning and growing process. And I wouldn't want to selfishly change anything to suit me if it is going to make someone else's life worse. All necessary changes will be made when we graduate this training ground and progress to Heaven. I have faith God did it right the first time around, even if I don't always see it at the time I usually learn this in the growing process.

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