• Labradors are great.
  • The breed is not so important as how you introduce the dog to the baby
  • I agree Labs are just wonderful with children.
  • They say that small dogs can be snappy but i have a chihuahua and she adores children so i think that the main thing is to research into a good breeder, a well socialised puppy will turn out to be a well balanced adult dog regarding of their breed. If i was you i would consider buying a puppy, if you intend to purchase an adult dog you need to get all the background knowledge available to make sure that the dog is well adjusted and well socialised before introducing to your children. This can be an exciting time choosing a dog, i would have a look online at all the different breeds available and see what fits in with your family lifestyle - good luck and have fun x
  • a Beagle
  • In my experience Labradors, Collies & Retrievers, or crossbreeds of any of these and German Shepherds are good family dogs because they are quite intelligent and have been bred for obedience. A well trained dog sees kids as people-puppies and a loyal, well-adjusted dog of any breed, who regards you as pack leader will know it is your baby and see themselves as subservient in the pack order.
  • I've never had one, sadly, but from the videos I've seen (and I've seen lots of them) a golden retriever puppy would be best suited, in my opinion. A puppy/child relationship will create a strong bond between them. Even as puppies, dogs seem to know that a child's needs are more important.
  • A pug. I have a pug and he is great with my niece and nephews
  • I'd probably want to get one that lives a long time (so you don't have the childhood disappointment of a dog dying), but also one large enough and patient enough to take abuse from a baby. I'm thinking a medium-sized but long-lived dog, like perhaps a medium (or larger) Dachsund or a Shiba Inu {{ }}
  • keep in mind dogs get jealous when bub comes need to fuss over dog too.......maybe a smaller dog ..
  • a Beagle

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