• injure, could be deadly. +5
  • There would be 2 dead people and a hell of a mess!
  • I'd stand there and wait. See how they reacted to being caught with their pants down.
  • Kick her out of my house and tell her to go to Hell with her new friend. No need to yell or scream or for violence.
  • I think I would yell something and then get away. It is better to move AWAY from the situation rather than moving TO the situation.
  • I wouldn't say a word but I certainly would injure them both. I can be very explosive in situations like that.
  • Well... I'd probably crack up laughing at first...then I would say 'congratulations on f**cking up with your beautiful wife'...then...goodbye and have a great life!
  • I would probably let out a gasp then ask if I could join in on the fun; it is obvious they are having fun! I could live with it as long as it is reciprical. But then maybe I look at such things differently too than the average couple.
  • Thro' the guy in the closet, call her the "C" word. And break something very dear and expensive to me on the way to the car. Take a breather, don't want a ticket you know, and head straight to BevMo.
  • Knowing me, I think I'd be frozen in shock for a few seconds, then I'd get out of there and go for a walk, probably get a drink somewhere. Later there might be yelling and screaming, or maybe just talking and sobbing, I don't know.
  • I couldnt answer this question with 100% accuracy...simply because this would be a very tense situation with unpredictable reactions...I would hope that I could just tell them to F off....but chances are, my actions would be very bad. and that is the truth.
  • Probably simply remind her that her and her kids are now homeless with nothing. Then make a call and be out with someone else that same night.
  • I would start swinging!!! Then when he got home it would get just a little nastier, maybe bloody. Then one of us would spend the night in jail.
  • Well, when I did walk in on them I left. Not broken hearted but curious as to how they would act after. They didn't know... After a week of obviously growing guilt and stress my GF finally fessed up. When I told her i knew she was pissed at me :-) But that WAS the end of that - but mostly because she was a psycho AND a lousy lay :-) Ahhh those days of youth... +5
  • Walk away, go to my computer and start working on the divorce papers. She's history.
  • Having walked in and seen CHEATING ... I left quietly and got my REVENGE later by leaving her at a park about ten miles from any phone etc ... +5
  • I'd say: "You two have 1 minute to leave my apartment". Then I'd go for my katana.
  • I have a feeling temporary insanity would set in and there's no telling what I would do. A friend told me though that she always used to say she'd go nuts and all hell would break loose but when she actually caught her man in bed with someone, she did absolutely nothing and walked away. In that situation, it's possible that one could be so brokenhearted, they'd be dumbfounded.
  • 1. The moment I saw what was going on I would have instantly stopped loving this person 2. I would calmly ask the girl to get dressed and leave 3. I would ask my former partner to gather his things together and move out. 4. I would stay to make sure all of that happened. I am not violent, loud or a wuss that someone can walk all over so my heart would be safe and whole and healthy.
  • walk away. No one who cheats is worth me ruining my life by killing them.
  • I can tell you exactly what I did.... Was in the Army. Came home and found my so called "Best Friend" in bed with my first wife. I walked over to him after he jumped up from the bed, wrapped my fingers around his neck with one hand and the other hand wrapped around his left arm and escorted him backwards out the front door in the nude. Turned around and picked up the phone and called my wife's father and told him to come and get her as soon as possible before I changed my mind on what to do with her. I then went outside to confront my now ex friend because I knew he had to be around with no clothes, keys to his car etc. Well, I was to late to interrogate him....A couple of buddies of mine that were across the street saw what was going on and took matters into their own hands, all I can say was he was quite banged up. I then went to the bar after removing $140 from his wallet (I know, it was wrong, but somebody was going to pay) with a couple of buddies until late morning and when I got home she was packed and gone. We were divorced 3 months later.
  • Since this is an exposive situation, I would hope that I would have the sense to take as many pictures as I could, grab their clothes and begin a fire in the tub, and order them out. I would be glad to call the police if they are naked and cannot get clothes. The pictures would be fair game if I did not get all I wanted in the divorce. Emotionally, I would be broken-hearted at the betrayal. If I had a gun, I'd get them both outside nude and let nature take its course. If they didn't believe I'd use it, I'd shoot a few rounds close, so they would think I'd do anything. I don't believe in violence, seriously, so no hurting them physically. But if they want to be nude and screw, they can do it outside of my home. +4

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