• well i experienced this before and i have to say the first time you experience this will feel very weird. if you are a chicken like me you would have to keep trying because it hurts so much at first. it actually took me a month to finally go all the way...everytime it was half way i chickened out. at first you are going to feel the same you feel when you take a shit....your ass is not used to feeling anything else so this is normal. after a couple times of penetration you will learn to let go-remember, if youget tensed up you are not going to feel the plessure you should feel during anal sex- in time you will learn to loosen up and just let him fuck you. you might want to be on top the first few times because this gives you control and only you can know what bothers you and what dont...later on let him do it doggy style and let him fuck you. i dont know what people are talking about when they say that the ass does not get wet, but it does...i lubricate alot through my ass and it feels soooooo gooooooddddddd. i love it....specially when he's hitting you hard and his balls are crashing against your clitoris and vagina as he's doing you...oh man, it is so good. so to answer your question, after getting your ass used to being played with, it feels great to be fucked through the ass by a man specially when he knows what he is doing
  • ur a guy rite? :O
  • Much like shopping on Ebay.
  • As I intend to remain an anal virgin I might not have the best answer, but, I would think probably like getting raped/sodomized in prison much like being a customer of Time/Warner Cable, only eventually Bubba's gonna get tired and pull out! And he might even be kind enough to use lube.
  • at first it hurt a little because i was tight. but if you learn to relax it feels actually quite good. i don't mind it at all aslong as i'm nice and loose and he doesn't force
  • Are you talking about a guy doing another guy? If so I have no idea. If you are talking about a girl being done by a guy then I have experience. It feels wonderful but depends upon the guy. If he is loving, slow, gentle, careful then it can be very very pleasurable. It is embarrassing for a girl to have this but I do it for guys because I know they love it and I actually do enjoy it myself. But I want the guy to realize I'm giving him access to my most private part and in doing so I'm trusting him to respect me and treat me with love and kindness. A guy that rams it home will never get another chance back there. a guy that asks will be given access. And many times I will offer if he is gentle.
  • OMG! After playing with toys for sooo long, I finally had my first man. I have to admit, I was very apprehensive, as I am STD-free and plan to remain that way, so finding a clean partner was essential. After finding one, I finally took that step and grrl! I am hooked! It is kinda embarrasing to say it, but the 20 Fingers - 'Short Dick Man' song, keeps playing through my mind! </blush> I was able to take all of him and wanted MORE! Not time, length...girth was fine, but I wanted to be filled! Time, however, was too damn much...he had too damn much control and wouldn't drop his guard so after a while (an hour or so) with him not cumming, I grew almost tired of it. :( I wanted to have him cum inside me (remember - STD-free? yeah - I wanted my 1st time to be special. After 2 long (and for the most part, boring) hours, I said enough. I have to pee and got up. I felt good having him inside me, but I wanted passion and flashing lights, not Kama Sutra last-all-night can't-cum-if-my-life-depended-on-it sex. B O R I N G. Don't get me wrong - I loved the feel of it, but seriously, if my toys have more passion than the man does, I need to find another man! </sigh> the time involved in finding an STD-free man is killing me! :/ The next day, I didn't really walk like I had been...well fucked in the ass, but I was a bit tender down there and very aware of my jeans and how they held me close. I did get him to cum eventually...4 damn hours later, but it was a let-down. So much for stars and fireworks, so if you wonder how it feels to be fucked in the ass by a guy, remember, just like any relationship - some can be good, others bad. Toys are fun, but the real thing feels better...I just need to find something longer than 5". ;) Hope that helps. P.S. Oh and don't forget - you are the grrl, so get yours first - you come/cum first and you set the rules. If he has a problem with any of it, tell him to talk to Rosy and her 5-sisters. He will see the light! /kisses :)
  • I totally agree with the #1 answer... it takes getting used to but once you do the climaxes can be amazing and they are very very different from vaginal climaxes for me.
  • I love your answer. Where have you been my whole life:)? I have never had the privilege of having anal sex, but would love to. The guy you were talking about was probably timid because he was afraid of hurting you. I know that I would be concerned about that. If she told me to go hard though I would probably break the headbord.
  • It all depends: if he and you want it, if he (as the fucker) is courteous and careful, if you (the fuckee) are relaxed and wanting to hep him too. Dry fucking is usually a no-no. Use lots of lubricant. If you cum inside him, the so-called anal creampie, is fun to experience and fun to watch, so both are satisfied. I've know lots of those who engage in anal sex and know of none who have regretted it or have felt demeaned or even have been afraid of AIDS because they wore a condom. The asshole, on some (most?) men, is like the G-spot on a woman: a source of pleasure. Basically, whatever turns you on turns you on. As long as you respect your partner, what have you got to lose? The same applies to anal sex with a woman.

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