• Possilby it is up to how much work you 2 want to put into it + 5
  • Sounds just about perfect to me..spend quality time together..and have plenty of time alone to pursue your own interest...if it is meant to be it will last
  • Yes! I am living proof of that (two weekends a month would have been a luxury for us). It was hard, especially since he had to move far away so early on in our relationship, but now that we are finally living together it was all worth it.
  • Yes. You both just have to want it to work and follow through.
  • Depends on your love (:
  • I think it could survive for a short period of time or temporary time frame but not an extended one. You would need to have more time together to support the relationship for it survive the absences I think.
  • In my case it didnt + 3
  • Yes, if you are willing to trust the other person not to be seeing others on a serious basis when you are not around.
  • Last how long? It can... I mean, I had a two-year relationship with a lady from three hours North of me, and we only saw each other every 4-6 weeks, usually with her visiting me, but I went to see her (and her family - she had 5 kids) a couple of times. And, I had a 6-7 month relationship with a lady from three hours South of me. (She visited me) But that was different. After than, she moved in with me. About a year-and-a-half later, we were engaged, and a little over a coupe of years later were married. Have been for 4-3/4 years, so far. In both cases, I had problems traveling - I worked, and I had surgeries on my feet, and couldn't get around very easily. It helps if you talk at least ALMOST every day - via IM or phone, and maybe occasional emails. If you are involved in the same site (with the first one, we had an online game with chat we played almost every night; AB - keep the sex-talk to the phone or IM), then you have a much better chance, too. You also have to pretty much implicitly trust each other. Good luck! ;-)
  • Hell to the yes! At least you don't have time to grow sick of each other.
  • yeah. it can. but four days a month to see someone isn't a lot. i'd miss them
  • Yes it can survive, I see my gf about once a week during the summer and everything is fine. You just have to use the time you're with the person very wisely and spend it as happily as you can.
  • depends on if either of you see somebody else in the interim. i'd advise against that if you do want your relationship to survive.
  • Yes!!! knowing from experience. It sucks but then its good because it makes you anxious of seeing em soon. Trusting each other and keeping in contact everyday is a must to make sure everythings okay with em. If both of you are patient and dearly love each other then it will work out. Look at it this way, if both of you can endure not seeing each other often then in the long run, you both can endure many things together.
  • Two weekends a month??? Who is seriously complaining about two weekends a month? I get to see my girlfriend every two MONTHS! And you think you have it bad? Trust me, you have no idea! Whoever has a problem with seeing their significant other twice a month needs to reevaluate their life and start thinking about what's important. I mean, come on! Two weeks versus two months... hmm... what do you think I would choose?
  • Lucky you, i see mine once a year.
  • Yes. I did that for a couple of years before getting engaged, and then eventually married. If you are "the ones" for each other, then this twice a month should not be in the way. Of course, that dance wont' last forever, and they will have to unite at some point before even the most hardened of lovers offers a final statement of conditions.

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