• No,It's not hard if the feel guilty.*+++++*
  • Some people are good lairs so it will take skill to get it out of them. If you want to do it the nice way, then just beat around the bush a bit. The cop way, tell them you know they did it and you will be less harsh on them if they confess.
  • No it's easy, please see Video! +5 lol
  • the bigger the offense the harder it is for a confession. if it didn't affect me i wouldn't even waste my time. probably would be hard work. and if the person does confess, you know he/she is guilty anyway, then what? what is your purpose for obtaining the confession?
  • Try to catch them in their lies, no its not easy, it takes patience.
  • If you already know the person is guilty then why do you want to make them confess? How would you know if the confession is true or false? Establishing guilt is what is important not getting confessions. Confessions are for catholics. If the guilty person is a catholic then any confession made will be in private to a preist. So, become a catholic priest and wait for the guilty person to confess. I don't know how a preist can 'make' the guilty person to confess - maybe pray to God?. For the above reason it would seem to be very hard work to make a person to confess unless that person willingly confess but then you would have failed to 'make' them confess.
  • You need proof
  • Why waste your energy is my motto. I don't want to waste time on people who can't be truthful. +5

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