• Will a snowball freeze in hell? Doubt it but spin the yarn and you may get a few to believe it will. People from all over the world come to the United States for medical treatment. When was the last time you heard of a cancer patient going to Canada for medical treatment? Duh!!!!
  • sure. why not. the one we have now isn't working. anything would be an improvement.
  • does it work well in canada...? and you want our government to over see it ha ha sorry just a chuckle
  • Canadians are only 30 million or so. To make their system work in a 300 million environment would take 10 times the cooperation and good will from all of the participants. Do you think the American political and commercial systems are selfless enough to accomplish this ?
  • It doesn't work in Canada, why would it work here?
  • No, the exchange rate is all out-of-whack. ;)
  • I heard recently that when America was just beginning, before Jamestown was founded they tried socialized health failed miserably. We were considerably smaller then, but even with the small number of people it didn't work. When they had the system in place the young, healthy, and able just quick working. Why? They weren't reaping any of the benefits you deserve when you get up and work every day. It is sad that some have to go without good health care, but you have to remember that it's their own fault. If you don't do your part in the society we live in then you don't deserve what those who do their part have. We aren't brought into this world to support the lazy, and selfish, we are brought here to contribute what we can to help make the world a better place for those who come after us, and to make our own existence the happiest we can. The universal health care, socialized health care (I'm not even sure what to call it anymore lol)is just more of the "take no responsibility for your actions" crap people are being taught now, if people understood the concept "you don't work, you don't eat" then the world would be a better place. Only then could we even possibly see a world with no poor and no homeless because they would take responsibility for themselves and not be living, and eating on the backs of the tax-paying, working citizens.
  • No :)I personally don't believe it would be a good idea for it the US it could work, but is it really whats best. I know a few Canadians who say if they need surgery they are put on a waiting list and such. How is that helping, especially if you really really need it but you have to wait your turn to get a heart transplant. I just think the US government needs to find something affordable, accessible, and usable by all Americans. But obviously my opinion will not count. What is your view? +3
  • The question we should first ask is how well its working there.
  • Yes and it would only cost half as much as our current system.
  • No. Canadians are sending their multiple-birth mothers, cancer patients, hemorrage victims, and other critical care cases to USA for care since rationed socialized medicine does not work.
  • Maybe if the pharmaceutical companies would not charge 40% more in the US for the exact same drugs as in Canada.
  • Yes it would most definitely work here....Just as badly as it works there. I'll keep the one we have and just fix what needs fixing. Why do people feel it necessary to rewrite the whole thing when only availability of coverage and cost is the only real things that need addressed? We have the best health care in the WORLD! Let's make it even better not F#$@ it up.
  • Yes, but only if we pull our heads out of our a*s.
  • It looks good on paper; everyone gets health care, free. But in reality, not so.
  • their health care isnt any better. its the same that obama is shoving down our throats. canadians have to wait months to get ordinary surgury. and the old folks are told it doesnt matter because they will eventually die anyway.
  • No, because Americans are to stupid to make the system work. . Instead, they will spend billions on illegal wars and bailing out rich CEO's, banks and car companies. . Why should tax payers money be used to help tax payers? LOL makes no sense. It should be used to fight illegal wars and it should be use to help failing companies.
  • Think about this: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 46 million Americans, or 18 percent of the population under the age of 65, were without health insurance in 2007. Yes, the Canadian health care system would work wonders for these millions of Americans who have been forgotten.
  • I had a close friend that traveled to canada when he had severe health problems, and he had nothing but good things to say about their system, his treatment, and it's affordability. For my friend it was critical because the jobs he had in the US didn't have healthcare that paid for the care he needed. He was in a lot of debt and his health keept getting worse in the US. Because so much of healthcare in the US is so overpriced, and many small companies can't provide adequate coverage, people are suffering and not recieving basic care in the US.
  • Ok cousinvinny So you think there are 47 million “forgotten Americans". Ok, I’ll think about your number. Let’s break it down with just a few simple questions. OK? How many of these “forgotten Americans" are actually uninsured illegal aliens? Answer: about 25% of them. They came here illegally, they stay here illegally, they work here illegally ... and we're supposed to GIVE them health insurance? Far be it for me to seem cruel, but If they get hurt let’s just patch them up and send them home. I am 57 and I never bought health insurance until 6 years ago. Why? Because I am as healthy as a horse and considered it a waste of money at the time. This begs the question: How many of the uninsured are, in fact, actually young and made a conscience choice not to buy health insurance? I've seen estimates as high as 20 million .. Well now, it appears almost 2 thirds of your 47 million should not be counted. Let’s not forget the uninsured which are eligible for Medicaid or Medicare and just haven't signed up for it. Again, statistics show several million fall into this category. Last but not necessarily least, how many of these uninsured are in a transitional state ... moving from one job to another and waiting for the new policy to kick in? Again, Millions more. Are you really suggesting I (We) give up our freedom of choosing our own health insurance and turn our health care system over the government just to appease less than 10 million that are already protected under the law? Bottom line, there are less than TEN Million Americans that do not have health insurance because they can’t afford it. By law Emergency rooms are told they CANNOT turn away an indigent person in need of emergency medical needs.
  • Nope. To many republicans.
  • No it would not work, nor would it be constitutional. Canada has made private health insurance illegal. Thankfully this would be hard to get thru congress. Where would the Canadians gor for health care if we copied their system ? Currently many come here to the usa, to avoid waiting months for life saving treatments.
  • If actually instituted, yes. Politically, never. I've had a nice run here in the US, but once I finish up my nice, state subsidized education, I'm off to the North, probably for good. There's still a chance I'll change my mind, but I'm not starting a business and raising a family under the constant specter of medical bankruptcy.
  • There are several reasons to object: 1. The fact that 100's of thousands of Canadians come here for treatment even though they have the money for treatment elsewhere should, at the very least, arouse the suspicion that all is not well in Canada. 2. Canada is not burdened with the same underclass as we have. Canada does not have, for instance, 45 to 51 Million aliens living in the country as we do. 3. Canada is not burdened with the same free trade policies we have which limits wages and jobs which limits our ability to pay for health care. 4. Canada is not the United States. That is, we have a set of international responsibilities not shared with anyone else. We have kept the world relatively safe since WWII. That has cost a great deal of money. Our position has been that, for us to remain free, then our trading partners and the world must remain relatively free. There are more but these alone should suffice to dissuade a positive comparison to our health care and Canada's.
  • It is NOT working in Canada! What possibly gave you the impression a failed policy could posibbly work here? The face you posd the question indicates you are interested iiiiianswers. Try the heritage foundation and the Cato institute. They are independent think tanks that could care less as to whic party governs. Read some of their reports. or go to and enter the "Crew's Quarters.
  • i would hope so

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