• Honestly and straightforwardly, giving the amount of information appropriate for the age of the child.
  • With truth and honesty. And for heavens sake don't laugh.
  • Ask your mother.
  • Look at your feet & lie.
  • Honestly, with enough information to satisfy them, but not more than that.
  • As honestly as you can, depending on their age. Also, if the question is asked in an "awkward place", just say, "we will talk about it when we get home"....
  • Honestly.
  • With honesty. But keep it very simple. They really don't want or care to hear the details. For example:Q "How does the baby get out of the mommy's tummy?" A "There is a special opening between the mommy's legs called the vagina. The baby comes out there." Honest and simple. They don't need all the facts of life if that isn't what they really want to know.
  • tell them to ask grandma.
  • With honesty. Also, volunteer no more information than the age of the child can handle.
  • What's the child's age and what's their question?
  • With truth, honesty, and knowledge. You know the questions will come up eventually so be prepared. God provided you with a good brain; use it. Children are little sponges for knowledge. They seek and ask what are very important questions to them. Don't blow off a question because there is alway a reason behind it. They have heard something or seen something somewhere that has prompted the question. To most parents the most awkward questions are often those concerning some aspect of sex. Talk frankly and with knowledge but keep it at their age and knowledge level. Here is a site that will help you understand their age and knowledge level:
  • Let them know their question is important and give them age appropriate information as an answer. Personally I say add two years to the age appropriate answer because in my experience they are already way ahead of what you may expect.
  • Seeing as you've asked all the awkward questions youselves, the best thing (at least for me) to do is to prepare answers in advance. It's only fair to give them as much of the truth as their ready to handle at the time of asking, rather than do some silly unbelievable explanation, which the child believes for such a long period of time that they treat it as the truth. It may also save them a lot of time and embarrassment.
  • tell them to go and ask the other parent
  • honestly
  • 1.When the child is asking an awkward question 2.When the child asks for money 3.When the child asks to stay out late 4.When the child asks to use the car 5.When the child basically asks for anything To keep peace and domestic tranquility in the household all the above questions shall be answered with the same response: "GO ASK YOUR MOTHER"
  • Answer truthfully. Don't talk down to them, but speak at at least their level that they can comprehend. Better hearing what you think is correct than hearing something incorrect through friends.
  • truthfully..
  • Parenting means that you are not afforded the luxury of feeling to embarrassed or awkward to answer a valid question from your child. You answer in the same way you answer any question.

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