• Usually they ask what you are there for immediately when you walk through the door. Tell them your needs and they will have you seated at a station where a nail tech will serve you. Then you tell the person who is working on your nails what colors you want, what shape you want your nails to be, and the length that you'd like. Relax and enjoy! Tipping is for the one that is doing the work on your nails, but if two different nail techs end up working on you then give a slightly larger tip for them to split. After all that, if you decide you'd liked it then ask to make an appointment for next time. It's up to you when that will be. If you have heavy wear and tear on your hands and feet make it every 2 weeks. I've been getting my nails done forever. And I always get compliments from both sets of my beautiful nails! :-D

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