• Pedigree Beef flavor +5
  • Nutro Max Hey Kewl Guy :) Hope ya doing well today :)
  • Iams +6
  • MEAT.... Raw Chicken, (quarters/legs/thighs/breast..or boobys, hearts, livers, kidneys...heck.. the whole frigging bird!) Turkey, (Same as the Chicken parts) Beef (heart, tongue, green tripe, roasts, steaks, liver. kidneys) NO big heavy weigh baring bones..those crack teeth! Goat, Lamb, (necks, and any other parts reasonably price..) Deer (God bless local hunters for sharing) Elk (Ditto on the blessings) Fish, Rabbit, Pork (any and all parts, they had lung and Trachea tonight, they really like Trachea for some reason, not sure why, but it's always a favorite of theirs) If it is raw and not from a pointy toothed animal, but a normal prey long as it has been frozen for a month or so...and I know what killed it...they can and probably would EAT IT. Our dogs and cats all eat Species Appropriate.. Here are some dinner time shots...Hannah working on a deer neck, then Patch working on the same chunk after her, and then little Saylore eating his first chicken leg, while Hannah "prays" we will be struck deaf and blind so she can steal the kitten's dinner..Saylore says, "Bowl? I don't need no stinkin bowl! yum yum!"
  • Dog chow!
  • Beniful, I have a puppy and a grown adult dog and they love it :)
  • Raw meat and Pedigree.
  • We feed only raw meaty bones and other parts, no commercial food at all. Dog food contains grains and starches which they can't digest. They are designed to eat raw food, meat, bones, and are so much healthier that way and don't suffer all those allergies and skin problem so many dogs now have, even cancers.
  • Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul. It is an all natural brand of dog food with none of that wheat gluten from China crap that killed and sickened so many pets a few years back, made from chicken, salon, turkey, and vegetables. I am not planning on changing any time soon, as my dog does have food allergies, and she has not had any problems with this brand.
  • Iams ground premium dog food+6 Yummy!:)
  • Organix made by Castor and Pollux. The food is incredible! Best dry food out there. I also scramble up eggs from time-to-time and they get fresh, raw meat.
  • I feeed my dog "Kibbles and Bits" and alternate the flavors so he gets variety .... +5
  • Bakers complete ! ;) And she really does complete my life ! :) hehe
  • 1/2 serving of Innova Evo Red Meat 1/4 of a cooked chicken breast
  • evo....its really high in rotien and fat...
  • Hill's Science Diet
  • purina
  • Kibbles
  • I mainly feed our dogs fresh chicken frames or chicken mince...they only have dog biscuits sometimes...and they get heaps of left overs.
  • Pro Plan chicken and rice
  • Mostly Iams, sometimes the Beneful wet food.
  • I feed my dogs flint river ranch
  • Beneful dry food.
  • Pedigree. +5
  • Nutro Natural Science Lamb & Rice I would NEVER feed Ol' Roy, Iams, Science Diet, Purina, or Kibbles 'N Bits. Look up the ingredients for those and the PETA findings undercover for them and you'll have my sources. Iams is just commercially number 1 b/c vet clinics are paid to promote it..but of course they won't tell you b/c then they won't get paid :p Do the research and let your gut tell you what is right and wrong..

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