• I've never known ANY American white family to behave like any of those shown on TV, except, of course, "The Simpsons." +5
  • i have a feeling tv characters are always following a script of ideal life. i can't speak for everyone but real life has problems that cannot be solved in 30 minutes.
  • Not really, television in those days presented idealized behavior with parents each who slept in their own twin sized bed. Real families are optimized for the functioning of the family unit, not necessarily each individual, so unlike the Cleavers or the Bradys there is always a small amount of tension between the individual and the family as each seeks to get their needs met.
  • No, I havent met any families like theirs, maybe some like Roseanne, LOL.
  • My Mother went just a little bit nuts as I was growing up by trying too hard to be June Cleaver. And both her and my Dad were a little disappointed that I wasn't just like the Beav. Maybe people weren't like the characters on the show, but TV was just coming into its own and there was a lot of societal pressure for the average fam to be just like the Cleavers. Heck... in my neighbourhood we had Hungarian immigrant and Black families trying to be the Cleavers. Hope this helps.
  • only when black people act like the Sanfords or the Jeffersons ... and when latinos act like ... oh wait, we get George Lopez :(
  • OH Mrs, C! This ones for you. LOL
  • that was a different generation ago....and not many today....via the parents of the hippy and women's lib generation.. and YES , many FUNCTIONAL , did... family's used to be FAMILY ORIENTED...and the children had and were taught respect , responsibilty and RULES..... even Little House on the Prairie's , white and black family were close to REALITY...families... society is the BLAME of the parents 'rearing it up', we are at a point where almost all families are either DYSFUNCTIONAL or BROKEN.....
  • I never met any Family or had a buddie that could be the Beaver! Some tried but failed! +5
  • Only when there were witnesses around.
  • No never...we do behave like the Waltons though.
  • Yes. Not everyone ofcourse, but there are definitely families like that. My childhood was like the Cleavers except I had four siblings. Most of my cousins and friends had similar families.
  • gee Evangeline that's a golly darn good question
  • No, more like the Beverly Hillbillies (before the Texas tea).

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