• Yes, let them stay with you. I suggest you give them a certain amount of time to make things happen. If they start acting like a moocher, then kick them out.
  • Depends why they didn't pay rent...if it was a job loss due then yes but with a signed contract. (If you can't help pay the bills, you have to work off your dues). If they were kicked out because of stupidity like gambling or drinking, then no! Nothing will change by me accomodating them.
  • Depends on the circumstances and the friend.
  • And they're NOT paying rent????? Hell no, they aint stayin' with me!!!
  • it really does depend, friends are completely different when living with you so they'd have to be a pretty special friend. I'd only take her in if she had kids or something or really had nowhere else to go.
  • No I wouldn't.
  • I can't recall if a friend stayed with me or us after being evicted, but friends have stayed many times.
  • Not paying rent? Red flag here, kiddo. If they are broke how are you gonna get them out?
  • If they are not paying their rent because they are having trouble making ends meet then yes. But if they are spending their money foolishly on other things then no. +3
  • Actually I have done that quite a few times!! *they were all exotic dancers,though! so I really could not help myself!
  • Depends on WHY they weren't able to pay their rent in the first place? Drinking problems? GTFO.
  • Well; it would all depend first on WHo it was .... and secondly on just WHY they did not pay their own rent .... IF they had lost their job / Income .... thru NO fault of their own ; then YES; I'd probably let them stay with me ... However; If they were constantly late to work , slacked off at work , etc ..and got FIRED ... Then they are on their own ... Just be advised; Once they are in is EXPENSIVE to get someone OUT .... as they are treated just like a tenant renting a single house least here in Florida ... I had to serve a three day notice for failure to pay me rent .. THEN; had to pay $235 to the Court for a sheriff to deliver a FIVE DAY Notice from the court ... and THEN , another $90 to have the Sheriff's Office personall come and escort the person of of my property .... All the while ; they use my room, utilities , Tvs, Telephone service etc ... when they did leave; they STOLE bedding and the usb plug to a computer ... Is is worth it to be nice ; when you CAN get SCREWED in the long run ... that is an individule decesion. +5
  • It would have to be a really good friend, with no family, who lost their home through no fault of their own. If they became unable to pay their rent due to losing a job because of redundancy then perhaps I could take them in while they got back on their feet. BUT family should look after their own before calling on friends, they would need to be looking for work and helping around the house until they found it, and ready to get themselves a new place as soon as they were able. If it were their fault they lost a job or had one and still didn't pay their rent then, sorry but they aren't staying with me....
  • Nope. If it was an extreme emergency I might, but never for more then a week. That's more then enough time to get some help if they are really looking for it. I'd set up some strict rules for it though.
  • gonna have to say NO to anything more than a week or two ... there's a reason they were evicted and you don't need that aggravation in your own house
  • It might be nice .. but unless you want to pay for their living expenses as well as your own, you might want that to be just temporary.
  • Risky business. Big chance for hurt feelings or worse. Seek alternative solutions with tenacity and perserverence.
  • depends really i only have close friends and i would to any of them knowing they wouldnt take the piss and oull their weight - like contribute what they can afford and help round the house but to some1 i barely know? i dont think i could - they could outstay there welcome very i wouldnt trust them
  • Only if it was an emergency and he/she had ABSOLUTELY nowhere else to go.
  • Yes, but for a limited and agreed-upon time.
  • Sure, for a few days with the agreement they will get a place ASAP. :)
  • If you call yourself their friend, SHORE! But they must find new place...
  • That's tricky. If they are not able to pay rent now, they are unlikely to move out of your place into a place where they will have to pay rent.
  • I sure would, as long as it was agreed it was only temporary. It would have to be done as a complete favour, with no expectations of returns (contributions to rent/bills) since that could cause problems later down the line if your friend lets you down as s/he did their landlord. It isn't ideal though!

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