• second had smoke IS proven to kill, but if people smoke responsibly, and NOT around other people, they don't have a part in their death.
  • Can be only if they are forcing a person to smell the smoke or smoking where it is not wanted and someone dies because of it.
  • Everybody's a murderer in some regard. You chose not to donate one time, which resulted in someone not getting that last meal that would have kept them from dying, so you therefore chose for them to die by choosing not to donate, even though you didn't realize the consequences at the time. If your choice results in someone's death, you are a murderer. We are all then murderers.
  • yes can be , but so should drivers
  • It's more like accidentally killing someone with your car. Manslaughter is a better definition.
  • Naw. I blame the manufacturers. Hang 'em high! ;-)
  • No. A smoker does not INTEND to kill others by smoking. As a matter-in-fact most smokers don't even intend on killing themselves by smoking. A person commits the crime of murder if with intent to cause the death of another person, he causes the death of that person or of another person,or under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life, he recklessly engages in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to a person other than himself, and thereby causes the death of another person. Murder may also be committed when a person commits or attempts to commit arson, burglary, escape, kidnapping, rape, robbery, sodomy or any other felony clearly dangerous to human life and, in the course of and in furtherance of the crime that he is committing or attempting to commit, or in immediate flight therefrom, he, or another participant if there is any, causes the death of any person.
  • If second hand smoke is proven to kill, are we suiciders?
  • No. More like suicidal inhalers. +5
  • Seems to be headed that way...I'm waiting for the first formal charges of murder to be brought against any pregnant woman who gives birth to a stillborn baby, the cause of death being her deliberate smoking while pregnant. Its just a matter of time;-)
  • Killing is not the same as murder. If it was, abortion WOULD be murder.
  • Every smoker I know keeps their habit well away from non smokers and are very polite about their habit. I have seen douche bags that were more then happy to puff away around babies and small children and I think something like that should be considered assault if nothing else.
  • There is not one proven case where a person was killed by second hand smoke.

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