• Me and my husband both do the cooking. When we have asian food I cook ( Im japanese ) and when we have hispanic food he cooks. (hes Cuban) And other then that we switch every so many nights. And for cleaning every sunday we both clean the house. But during the week while he is at work I pick up and do laundry and take care of our little angel. And Im very happy with it. We use teamwork to get things done faster so neither of us gets burned out on doing everything in the house.
  • i am the primary homemaker, and my husband is the breadwinner..i love when he cleans up, or does the preliminary clean, and i especially love when he makes food for me..he makes delicious fattening food..that i just dont! in the beginning, i was a horrible consisted of reservations, grape nuts over the kitchen sink and pizza rolls..he had gone to school to be a chef, so, after some years married, i read his books, listened and learned..its one of the reasons i love being a housewife..i love to far as cleaning, he will never do it as thourough as i, but, admittingly i am a NO WIRE HANGERS kind of gal...
  • Mother, daughter and granddaughter and we all share the responsibilities.
  • I do all the cooking (I love to cook) and my husband washes the dishes. I do the bulk of the household cleaning since I'm home more, but he helps out a lot on the weekends when he's home. He works full time and I work part time. It works out well ... and I think it's very fair.
  • I do everything. Except take out the trash and do the yard and repairs. The inside is immaculate and nice, and the outside looks like crap. It's my ex's way of letting the neighbors know that he left us to fend for ourselves. .
  • Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, and................ME!!! If I don't do it my son sure won't. lol Teenagers! So I am content with it I guess. +5
  • We both cook and clean, I do the majority, he does the things I dont want to do. :-) Yes very content with it, he does other things like yardwork, taking care of the vehicles, bikes, camper, etc.
  • I cook. I clean. It isn't a perfect arrangement, but I knew a long time ago if I want it done I'm the one doing it. Besides, my guy doesn't mind cereal or sandwiches for dinner. :)
  • ME!! I do the lot!! the cats just watch!! Lol... Yeah I'm content, if there was a woman involved it would just get complicated!! :-/
  • I do all of the grocery shopping, cooking, baking, and much of the cleaning. Sometimes I bring in a cleaning service for deep cleaning and special jobs.
  • I do it all, I can't get these dogs to do a d*mn thing around the house.

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