• I've never been, but it sounds lovely :)
  • My girlfriend loves it becuase she was born there. I dont feel either which way but im scared to visit because i dont know russian and im afraid that they'll all hate me because im american
  • I have never been there but would love to visit. I hear it is a beautiful country.
  •  люблю Россию. культура и женщины больш. я люблю как содружественно люди.
  • 1) I think it's spelled with a capital R. 2) They've come a long way out of communism but still have a long uphill way to go. 3) I think Google and the Soviet Union are opposites. 4) They're missing something and I don't know what.
  • I went to Moscow and St. Petersburg... in all honesty, I didn't like them. It was very beautiful though, very beautiful! I think I would like to go back to St Petersburg one summer and give it another try. I hear that they feel like different places in the summer. =)
  • Wonderful people, beautiful country, and now free of both the Tsar AND the Communists. You're ready to write your own ticket. The world can be your oyster.
  • Wonderful nation, strong people and very moral, and origin of my favorite form of governement, Communisim. It would be nice if the US and Russia ,could work out their differences and be allies, let a US-Russia alliance dominate the world!
  • I think Russia is finally coming into the light it deserves.
  • I would sure like to visit and take lots of pictures. +2

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