• There's nothing wrong with that actually. Don't worry about it ^^
  • I don't really see it as odd. I am 23 and I can tell you. You are still young enjoy life for a while longer and then have children. But no I don't think its abnormal.
  • I actually think that is very common, we are having children later and later these days. In my parents' generation I think the most average age was about 27... I guess now maybe it is pushing on thirty! I definitely won't be ready for children at 25, as much as I would love them =)
  • I think it's probably quite typical in this day and age.
  • It's as normal as milk in a bottle.
  • its actually quiet common these days as more and more woman are career orientated first and only later settle for a family
  • Not "abnormal" at all, Kitt-tastic. More common all the time. Many women (and men) are postponing parenthood. Many reasons, but one is that both men and women are going for higher education, job security, and want to make sure they can give what they know a family will need today, financially and otherwise.
  • My sister had her first at age 25 and her second at age 27... It's not uncommon Kitt... No worries... :D Besides... The economy is sa bit screwed up... Most are worried about getting a job and making money to even have kids... You being a pet owner should know how expensive taking care of a pet can be (Vets, food, accessories such as a dog house or leash, et cetera)... Children are SO much more expensive... Hope this helps... :D
  • If I were an authoritarian, I would say that people should not be allowed to have children until they were at least 25. Before that age you don't have the maturity and wisdom to be a good parent.
  • I guess it depends on where your at. Here around me it would be very abnormal. Most females are on their third child at that age. Of course your not alone there are also ones that wait but just does not seem as many. I always have felt that people are popping out babies at a much too young of age and should wait until they have reached your age or even a bit older. I know one who is 19 and already has three. No husband he left after the second one was born. No job because daycare is so expensive it take her entire pay check to pay for it so to work she never get a head. Sadly she is on welfare but hates it because she still can't get a head either. If she went to work she lose here benefits and soon become homeless. If not for these three children she would not be in this situation.
  • From what and whom I know ... 25 seems a little early to be having a child today ... Most seem to be having children following 30. (I am in Australia) That said! ... I believe it's up to the individuals who are to be parents ... when and if the time suits they? then this be their/your time. Whenever! Peace.
  • I think it is becoming more and more common all the time.....Women now want to establish a career, see the world, and have alone time with their husband before children....I think it's very normal
  • Not at all unusual, especially in developed countries.
  • It's not abnormal ... who knows what is really normal anyway? Don't worry about comparing yourself to others ... enjoy your life doing what's right for you.
  • Actually quite normal. The average age for women to have a baby is now 29, compared to 26 in the 1970s.
  • Not abnorml, especially with all the femenist, anti-children anti-man bullshit. infact its probably abnormal for a woman at that age TO have children. Remember, mothers are seen as traitors to the femenist causes.
  • Nothing wrong with that round these parts. Most girls I know have the first kid around 30. Saying that, in some towns out in the sticks, they're almost grandparents at that age...
  • Do you even want kids? If not then its pretty normal.
  • Nothing abnormal about it. I think late twenties and early thirties is the best age myself.
  • Are you happy??
  • I would think it's more abnormal to have a child at 12-16 (not really judging those who have-life happens and God has a plan for those babies just as He does everyone else). An adult who has her life together is more equipped to handle a child. 25, 30, 40... What does it matter? If she's healthy and there are no complications, then there shouldn't be a problem.
  • I don't know about 3rd world countries, but its very normal in America and has been for decades! "The average age when women have their first child is now 28, up from 24.6 in 1970."
  • Men are hesitant nowadays. If we ask a girl out, we could be sending unwanted sexual advances or being a misogynist, or a male chauvinist. Plus, we don't want to get in trouble if we misidentify your chosen gender.
    • Linda Joy
      And I thought you were a brave man! ;-)
    • Archie Bunker
      Fearless. That was just a general "we" that I was using to prove a point.
  • Whatsoever you are doing great, sweetie!
  • not sure but irn at least twice your age and never had kids
  • It isn't, many women wait until their thirties.
    • Linda Joy
      A few women who wait till their 30's are finding they have passed their time for being able to conceive.
    • Creamcrackered
      Fertility may decrease, but as you say only a few may not be able to conceive, many prefer their thirties as by that point women have made a career and are in stable relationships with realistic expectations. The lower fertility may be balanced out by the higher chance of having twins, since older women are more likely to have multiple ovulations in the same menstrual cycle.

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