• No, no one should be let off for committing a crime. If people think they can get off the first time they speed, they will speed until they get caught.
  • That would depend upon the circumstances ... how fast they were going ... their attitude ... lots of things.
  • i agree with mrs cleaver
  • It would depend. Was the person polite and contrite? Were they merely speeding or were they recklessly driving? If you're speeding you're breaking the law, but every case is different.
  • Somewhat, but only if they were just speeding a little and not reckless driving. Attitude counts too, but not as much.
  • A criminal record is entirely different than a traffic record. All officers run stopped traffic violators for outstanding warrants and past criminal and traffic history. This information assits the officer in makeing a decision, concerning the violator. I base my decision on several factors. one, which includes a drivers attitude. if this is okay, i then check warrants and trf. record. if everthing is okay, i then make my decision. For 44 years as an officer, i never have written a first offender a citation. its not mandatory. its just me. Depending on the severity of the offense, i have given as many warnings as i have issued citations. Like i said, its a puzzle and all the pieces have to come together, in order to make a decision.
  • If they were speeding just a little, I'd probably assume that a hill or something had caused their speed to creep up a bit. That happens in normal driving conditions. In that case, I wouldn't bother pulling them over. But anything more than three to five mph over the limit and I wouldn't cut any slack at all. Our neighbors speed. Everyone in the family speeds. It has gone down through the generations. In the last 12 years that I've been living next to them, one grandchild has lost an eye in a wreck just after getting a license. Another grandchild caused a wreck that resulted in a woman losing her leg. He did time for that wreck and just got out of jail a few weeks ago. The grandfather totaled a car a few years ago that fortunately didn't harm anyone. One of the sons, and father of the boy that just got out of jail, totaled his car last week, rolled it twice and ended up with a broken collar bone, two broken ribs and a torn elbow. They are up in arms now because the police said he was at fault. They don't seem to see that the fast driving is causing their bad luck. I love this family dearly. They've been very good friends to me. I wish some cop would start pulling them over and writing them some really big tickets in order to put an end to their run of "bad luck." They need to be made aware of how fast they are going and how that causes the laws of physics to work against them before they harm someone else. And given how fast they tend to cruise into their driveway, I hope it happens before my child is the victim.

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