• there are a nuimber of ways.. use a dry rag to put over the lid to give your fingers more grip... Use a cloth around the lid but twist the cloth round and round so it grips the lid tight (like a wrench) If the lid is metal then boiling water on the lid will cause it to expand but dont scald you fingers. tap the lid firmly with an object like a spoon to release any securing clenches,, or get someone else to do it
  • Many people make the mistake of holding the jar out in front of them and trying to turn the lid. The easiest way I've found is to bring the jar in close to your body, get a firm grip on the lid and turn the jar, not the lid. You'd be suprised what a difference it makes. As for tapping firmly with a spoon or on the edge of the counter (we know we all do it) but be careful with the glass ones, you don't want glass chips to drop in when you finally get it open. ;) Also, if it's a new, one-serving container, simply puncture the lid, (ice pick, tip of a can opener..) breaking the vacuum and the lid should come right off.
  • Use a butter knife. Place the tip under the lid and gently pull the knife away from the jar. Repeat in several spots going around the jar. After doing this in 2-3 spots you should hear a "pop". This is the air entering the jar. Now that the seal is broken twist the lid off.
  • Or you can do what I just did: Get a hammer, break it at the top, and put extra contents into some tupperware. Damn sauerkraut jar :)
  • Hold the jar with your hand, in the other hand hold a knife as if you were cutting something with the blade upwards. Then every 1/16 of an inch hit the jar lid on the edge. Then it will be easy to open, If not run lid under hot water.
  • 1. Turn the jar upside down and tap it lightly on the floor. 2. Wrap a rubber band around the lid and twist.
  • Absolutely correct, use the tip of a bottle opener to "burp" the jar (let the air out).
  • Find a wide elastic band and bind it once or twice round the lid. This should give you a better grip on the lid and make it easier to open. The wider the band, the easier.
  • Put the jar under hot running tap water then use a dry cloth to open afterwards. Works every time!
  • there are a bunch of jar openers. one looks like a "Y". there are little serrations on the v part that grip it so it will twist off. there is also the "jar popper" used like a bottle opener. this pulls the lid a little away from the side so that air is forced underneath, letting it be easier to open. there are also rubber/silicone squares and cones used to grip
  • Yay! It worked! Punchuring the vacuum is a really good idea!
  • For new, vacuum sealed jars: Hold the jar upside down with one hand. Give it a good whack on the bottom with the palm of your other hand(careful not to injure yourself). Flip jar back over. Twist open(repeat as necessary).
  • glass cutter? hammer? wall?
  • Put on a pair of rubber gloves, and then do the twisty thing - having a rubber band on the lid is all well and good, but then the jar itself will just spin in your increasingly sweaty and frustrated grip..... I suppose you could put a rubber band around the jar also... Alternatively, there's a device called a 'Boa' for the UK, it's also probably available internationally.
  • all you need is a rubber glove and the lid will twist off easy always works.
  • Take a regular table knife(not sharp)and give the lid a medium rap or two on the side with the pummel(handle). This will break the air seal and the jar will open right up.
  • I rap the edge of the lid all around the jar with the handle of a knife or the back of the blade, not the sharp edge. That usually stirs things up in there and off it comes with an easy twist.
  • bash the rim of the lid a couple of times with a large metal spoon, it will open very easily afterwards.
  • I invert it and bash it against the bench. One hard knock is usually enough to break the seal, then I can unscrew it normally. Alternatively, I put it in hotwater for a little while, then pull it out and unscrew it. Or I try to use fabric to grip the lid tighter and try to unscrew it that way.
  • I turn it upside down and give it a little "spank" with the heel of my hand. That seems to break the vacuum most of the time. I return the jar to the proper upright position and it will usually open easily. If not, I pull out my handy-dandy rubber jar grip.
  • Wrap a thick elastic band around the lid and turn.
  • stick a knife in the lid, this will release the air and the jar will open without a problem
  • Pry off the lid using crooked beer-type can opener.

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