• turn the water off to the toilet and take the toilet out and see if you can find it.
  • Turn off the water, drain the bowl and remove the toilet. The holder is likely stuck in the elbow of the drain. You should be able to remove it. Before replacing the toilet you should put a new seal on. There are some good do it yourself sites on the net. Look up a couple sites and read the instructions for removing and replacing a toilet so you know what to expect. It shouldn't be too difficult a job.
  • Undo a wire coat hanger, and have a poke round. Then hook it out if you feel it.
  • How did you accidentally do that?
  • pour quart of muratic acid "found in any hardware store" as a one time deal, only! will need googles, heavy duty gloves and heavy duty construction mask. cover bowl with heavy duty trash bag or plastic cover. leave area immediately and stay away of toilet for 4hours. then flush. do not mix other chemicals in toilet for a week.
  • My husband just did that too! It popped out of his had while the toilet was flushing. It flew thru the air and there it went. I have been doing a lot of reading on these sites. First I'm going to fish with the "J" hook of a wire hanger. If it doesn't work I will buy a toilet auger or snake. It can't be too far down there....

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