• 100'x100'.
  • I bought ten acres with my Brother In Law. We split it in half and both put our houses back 600 feet from the road.
  • It's 14 acres. I think it's about 3-400 feet wide and I don't know how long it is.
  • It is kind of triangle shaped with the tip cut off. The dimensions are 195 x 795 x 204 x 75 feet.
  • 6-13-2017 Things can get very strange in the wild west. Some rancher drove a herd of cattle to market and stopped on the river bank for the night. He took a few cows to the chief of the local tribe and got his thumb print on a contract. (Injuns couldn't write.) When he recorded the contract, it turned out that he had bought the land, rather than just renting for the night. So that is how the state got a little town completely surrounded by a reservation. The rancher designated streets wherever the mood struck him, and marked off lots 25 feet wide. The highway passed through at an angle, so lots were from 50 feet long to a hundred feet long. When my father bought, there was only a lot and a half left, so he got a place 37 1/2 feet wide and 85 feet long. Some people have houses bigger than that.
  • 94 acres

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