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  • Your question should be the featured question of the century. In a physical sense, the answer is obvious, a body part that doesn't work properly. In my case, my Thyroid is dysfunctional. However, in relationships, such a "dysfunctional family" the meaning becomes very blurred. It is frequently used to excuse inappropriate behaviour, as in "I grew up in a dysfunctional family". In my opinion, people have once again taken a purely clinical description of a malady (think idiot) and turned it into a joke.
  • I take it you didn't see the trial for Anna Nicole Smith's burial. That was dysfunctional.
  • Proably ME - lol
  • I think any issue, lifestyle, habit(s), idiosyncrasy, hang-up etc., that that an individual in a relationship has that interferes with one of the parties involved living (happily ever after)qualifies.
  • A breakdown of sorts.

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