• Well they are probably remembering their childhood and how they missed out on it, so they want better for you by being a 'kid' for longer. But then again they want you to become a member of society, by being sensible and all the rest, so when age catches up with you they change their ways and try to change you for your own benefit in the future.
  • Because most people are contrary, occasionally hypocritical and will say and adopt whatever approach suits them best at any given time. When they tell you to stay a kid for as long as you can, what they really mean is that they wish they were still kids so they didn't have the responsibilites that they have now, and that they are envious of you for it. Really, they want you to grow up as fast as you can so that they can be comfortable in the knowledge that you are suffering the burdens of adulthood along with them and they no longer need to resent you for being a carefree 'kid'.
  • People tell you to stay a kid for as long as you can because there are many things about being a kid that you end up longing for when you're old. It's just a way of saying don't take for granted the good things you have as a kid that you will lose forever when you're grown ie your youthfulness, energy level, freedom from worrying about bills and working for a living, the difficulties of parenting etc. When people say you should act your age, ignore them. The coolest people in the world are the youngest at heart and maybe the people who tell you to act your age are jealous because they've forgotten what it's like to be young.
  • very good question, thats exactly what happens, human nature to say it I guess, and then take it back!
  • one of the mysteries of is like a tshirt I saw on a baby; For the first year of my life, my parents encouraged me to stand up and talk: now all they do is tell me to sit down and shut up.
  • Ah yes, the subtle difference between 'childlike' and 'childish'... I always assume 'stay a kid' refers to retaining a sense of wonder at the world, a sense of adventure and enthusiasm and a less self-concious, more straightforward approach to people and life. They tell you to grow up when you show those childish traits like tantrum throwing, selfishness and refusal to do what we know we should - the things we need to learn to overcome in order to function maturely.
  • Because people rarely actually think about what they're saying before they say it. There's a huge but unwarranted emphasis at the moment on staying young and carefree. Without responsibility. And simultaneously they want you to learn to be responsible. Never realizing that to learn responsibility you may have to practice it a bit.
  • 1) To be a child is not always the same as doing something childish or immature. The more mature you get, the less childish and immature things you are going to do. But some people have a hard time growing mature. That is what they mean when they tell you to get some maturity and not fall back in these childish behavior. 2) On the other hand, it is good to enjoy the time when you are still a child, and not wanting by all mean to reach the grown up phase before you are prepared to cope with its difficulties. That mean that you should grow in maturity, but that you should not get it faster as you can manage.
  • The part of us that can and should stay a child is an innocence, a naiveté, a playfulness that you can keep until death if you are lucky. But it doesn't mean you can't be mature that you shouldn't gain experience and grow up and it doesn't mean being childish which is infantile behavior.
  • Keep your youthfulness and innocence for as long as you can. But not your "silliness".
  • Its the good aspects they want you to hold onto. The innocence and the wonder. The petulance we can do without.
  • That's the thing - We are the Grown-ups now, and that means that we are now the ones who decide what that means.
  • cause theyre mad you did something childish and immature
  • cause they didnt mean what they said the first time
  • to me its human nature to think you know what you want but when you get you are dissatisfied. I kind of suspect the tendency to not thinking certain concepts through. I feel its like the way some women say they like men who cry because it shows their feelings but when they do cry some women complain they are being crybabies. BTW I am a woman and I never tell anyone how to feel, how to show their emotions.

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