• Dogs are smarter than a 3 year old already. Granted folk seem to take it for granted that dogs are 'dumb' however they are quite brilliant. Dogs can learn a couple hundred words, granted they do not have the physiology to speak, but they can understand human words. Dogs are also always watching you (their so called owner) and know how to respond to you. Dogs are so smart that they know that if your eyes are closed you can't see them. Dogs also have self awareness that until recently we humans denied. Dogs also have awareness of our needs/wants. Dogs have morals: This sort of quality is hard won in humans, at least age 5 is when a young human picks up on these sorts of things. For many its a wee bit longer. More on dog intelligence found here: Work dog breeds are far smarter and able to solve complex problems than a 3 year old. Shepperd breeds (as one example) have an acuity for solutions in the field that no 3 year old can muster. Of course one can 'waste' that intelligence with a dog, or one can bring out the brilliance that lays beneath that serene and happy dog face. Our black Lab/Rott mix was a 'problem child'. Before she was 6 months old she knew how to roll down the windows on the 66 mustang (hand crank, she used her mouth). We had to put child locks on all lower cabinets - she learned how to open them. She can open a door (with a knob) so we had to lock doors for while until we trained her to stay inside. None of this was taught to her, she picked up on observing what we did and following suit. Of course she is part of our lives, our 'child' thus is always with one of us. Being around us all the time may have a huge bearing on her expressed intelligence.
  • I want a talking dog, even if it has the vocabulary of a 3-year-old child.
  • Hey, my dog is smarter than 85% of America
  • My dogs are smarter than that now. Hell, I think my dogs are smarter than I am around half the time.
  • No I wouldn't want one. I know you have kids.....why would you want a permanent 3 year old mind in your house?

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