• In Albany, NY - the Corning Tower and New York State Museum - they are across the street from each other.
  • In Copenhagen. The South Harbor Park and adjacent areas. There are several pieces of "surprize sculpture" scattered around out there, and it packs quite a punch when you turn a corner and suddenly come upon one. (The official park is quite a nice traditional rose garden too :-)).
  • Washington State's hidden gem is probably the Yakima Valley. Wine country, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables abound!
  • I won't give you any in my current home, as I don't give away identifying details that hackers might be able to use, but I'll tell you some in my home state. I don't know if this one would be open, but if it is, its a gem. This is hardly a hidden gem, but I loved it. There is so much in Pennsylvania that I couldn't list it all. I've left out the obvious sites in Philly, Valley Forge and Gettysburg. These are all offbeat places that are fascinating.
  • In Puerto Rico, you should visit El Yunque Rain Forrest. You could also visit any of the beaches, specially the ones in the west side of PR or the one in Culebra Island (Flamenco Beach). Another romantic and historic place is Old San Juan (oldest city of the New World). Near to Old San Juan you will see El Morro Fort, La Fortaleza, and other historical buildings. You could also go to the Bacardi Plant and take the tour to see how they manufacture the Puertorican Rum, you could also get free sample drinks. It's cool.

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