• My cat does. She cries. She gets mad at me. I know she is afraid of thunder. I also know she loves me, I'm her person.
  • mine does. He shows me when he's scared or sad or happy. He shows me he loves me and when I am sad or upset so is he.
  • of course.
  • Yeah. I think they are pretty transparent when it comes to that. They are easy to read.
  • I believe so. A good book on this subject is: When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
  • Yeah some do for sure like dogs.
  • Animals feel emotions. They are not human. They have their own set of feelings, but they certainly understand the energetic field better than we do. In some ways they are much advanced. I don't mean they are superior mentally or higher beings, I mean they have traits and qualities we humans do not posess. Their senses alone are far superior as a rule.
  • I think they do very much so but in a more primitive way. Although some animals like Dolphins, Whales, Chimps, Gorillas are very close to ours but different in ways we do not full comprehend yet. I think all living things feel and think even in some odd rudimentary way. I think the earth itself is alive in a way we do not understand as is the whole universe.
  • Some do!
  • Yes! I`m sure dogs and cats do!Probably others too.
  • I believe higher animals experience emotions in just the same way as we do. The difference between us lies in the ability to reason.
  • Yes.....especially Dogs,very emotional i can say that bcoz many dogs near my society wake me up when they cry. They have to cry when everybody's fast asleep(especially me) VERY EMOTIONAL but no emotions for us.
  • Yes but not quite the same as humans do. We are different so there would be differences. Same would go if we were talking whales and sharks though, humans aren't really special in any way at least not in the context of the question.
  • I believe they do. All creatures have emotions and feelings - just some creatures can comprehend the emotions and feelings better than others.

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