• L-Lysine takes a while to work and you have to keep taking it. Try some abreva, it works in about 2 days.
  • Abreva DOES NOT WORK... I don't have any type of STD but I do get cold sores.. and when I feel one coming on I take 2 L-Lysine pills.. and before 2 days its gone.. Abreva is way too expensive and usually just causes more drama. I lived by abreva before I found out that it just sucked.. I started doing NOTHING but taking L-lysine pills.. and they work miracles for me. . . I've been getting cold sores since I was born (my body doesn't make natural b-12 vitamins)... the lysine pills are the better way to go.. some people will go as far to tell you to put bleach on it.. don't do it.. I've gone 24 years of life with cold sores and the ONLY thing that worked WELL is L-Lysine.. It down NOT take long at all.. I like to take 1,000 mg as soon as I feel it coming on, and that's all I take (which is 2 pills with the size of pill I use) and that is it..
  • Herpes woot woot lol, trying not to be stressed helps them go away faster, other than that I have no idea haven't had them in many years

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