• G'day Cornboy, Thank you for your question. I think that they would. Deaths of notable musicians comes either at their creative peak or after their place in history is already assured such as Elvis Presley or John Lennon (even though both died young). In Cobain's case, Nirvana had changed the face of modern rock with Nevermind generally regarded as the best record of the 1990's. Nirvana would have continued to go on to make great music. Tupac is the best selling rap artist of all time despite his early death with sales of over 75 million worldwide. Indeed, most of these sales have occurred after his death. He is also one of the most highly regarded figures critically in hip-hop. I would argue that the impact of Cobain and Tupac would have been even greater if they had not died. I have attached sources for your reference. Regards Wikipedia Nevermind Wikipedia Tupac
  • Well I'm sure they would've made more great songs if they lived a little longer. But when an artist (not just in music) dies it does seem to have the effect of making all the stuff they made more valuable since that would be their "legacy" and all that.

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