• Total Wireless and my phone is Samsung Galaxy A50
  • Cricket Wireless, for the past 6 years. Very reliable service and not too expensive. Best part, its no contract. I really like that.
      This might be a one-off, but Cricket really screwed me over recently. I paid the monthly bill in full and on time, and about a week later they cancelled my service claiming non-payment. After hours on support I was informed that my payment by credit card had had the charges reversed. *I* had not reversed the charges. I called my credit card bank - no, the charge had not been reversed by them, either. In fact, the charge had already been paid. I called Cricket, and they insisted the charge had been reversed. They informed me that I had to pay that month's bill a SECOND time PLUS a penalty to have the phones turned back on. Since these were business phones - the business could NOT afford to be without these phones, it had already seriously affected business being cut off for more than a day - I paid. Naturally, I cancelled as soon as I could move the phones to another carrier.
  • Just switched to Mint w/ T-mobile. It's cheap and the customer service is very competent and easy to access.
  • AT&T has been my mobile phone provider for the past 20 years
  • I use a Galaxy phone with Metro by T-Mobile. Unlimited everything for $55 per month.
  • Verizon
  • Used to use Verizon. Best network coverage, which is important for my work. Switched to Total Wireless which USES Verizon network but which is significantly cheaper than Verizon. I have had trouble with BOTH relative to setting up new phones. (Verizon service was absolutely HORRIBLE in this regard. I - a mobile phone newb - actually had to figure it out myself, their experts were UNABLE to figure out how to do it after hours and hours of phone support and even travel to a Verizon store...)
  • Net-10. It works fine, even in my rural region and there are no 2 year contracts, no "fees" for everything and it costs me 35 buck a month. I'll never go back to Verizon.
  • Vodaphone
  • Straight talk.
  • H20 Wireless.
  • My cell phone is T Mobile Android.
  • Never once ever have I needed a cell phone. The answer machine is just fine. If people ever knew who I truly am, It would ring more, but that is not allowed to be disclosed here.
  • Verizon

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