• You should at least get one every year, since it is one of the best ways to prevent against getting diseases. Also, early detection due to these checkups will help make something that is perhaps incurable to something that can be saved, such as the spread of cancer. Therefore, you must at least to schedule one complete medical check-up, despite the cost, because health precedes everything, even money.
  • I think you should do it once a year, but I think I only do it like once every two years. It depends on how old you are as well because when you get older there are more things to "maintain". Heres a link hope that helps
  • Finally got one last summer after 7 years, found out my liver is not doing that great. Got the check up when I went to europe, since it's free there. Going to doc over here is so expensive that I never go, pretty sure I had a fracture on my hand (Boxers fracture) and didn't have money to go have it looked at, now I think I broke my toe, it's hurts, is bit swallen, and I can't bend it too much, and once again, can't afford a freaking doctor.
  • I try to do it at least once a year. I was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago and even though they got it all I still worry. Annual checkups are the best way to catch things quickly thus giving you a better chance at beating whatever it is you that you might have.
  • I never have them. Terrible, I know, but I don't like them. I am in there enough for them to check me over gradually in small doses throughout the year instead
  • Get a complete check-up EVERY year! Please! .. No matter your age.. play it safe.. if you are an adult.. go every year because every person is different and there is NO set age for serious things to happen. Men get prostate cancer at age 21. I know because I see these patients come through from time to time. I see women with cervical cancer as young as 27 (younger from what other people tell me). I get one every year but I want to put out there that I use to put them off every two years or so and just get by with a regular check-up however, my fiance' has just done a regular check-up for the past three years and went for his complete last week.. since then, we have had two Urologist appointments because his PSA levels are very high. We are hoping it is one of many simple things but considering his dad had prostate cancer (PSA levels being high is a big indicator when they look for cancer of the prostate) and his dad waited so long that he had to have his prostate removed.. .. we are a bit nervous.. So I cannot stress enough to please, please get a complete check-up every year to catch early signs of many different diseases, complications and the like. Many serious things can be prevented or dealt with if caught in time.. many, can cause serious, irreversible and permanent damage if not caught in time. Without having had complete check-ups each year.. they cannot know how high his levels jumped from one time period to another.. which would have been helpful in knowing.. since they did not know.. he has undergone many unpleasant tests. Look after your health people.. it truly is precious!
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  • As few and far between as possible! I had one before Christmas 06 because I had to for an insurance physical. But I hate being probed and poked and looked at. So if there is nothing wrong I plain and simply just don't go. Plus it's too expensive.
  • The last on one was 1989,and it was because I was required to do so. Other then that I don't get check ups.
  • Every year I have a checkup , but I tend to tell them that i know my body better than they do, so i do not let them pull me about too much.
  • sheesh, did you have to remind me? lol I am very neglectful of my own way too busy tending to the needs of others.
  • Once a year. At my age, and with my doctor also a neighbor and friend, I think it gives my wife and me piece of mind, even though I have no serious health problems at age 50+. I am a strong advocate for prevention. And many things have no real symptoms for men or women, but they will show up on blood or urine testing, or an EKG for the heart. Since I don't find the exams to be difficult or at all painful, I would rather do them more often and catch something early than wait til I have real symptoms and maybe have a difficult or impossible time getting over the problem. A good example would be certain types of cancer which show up in a good exam and can be cured if treated very early on. If a person waits until they have symptoms, some of the cancers cannot be cured or have a low cure rate.
  • Very rarely. Last time I had a medical check-up was after I had my baby last year. That's it! I don't have medical insurance, so it makes it real hard, although I probably could get it through my work.

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