• It varies from person to person. It does for me when I talk on one for a long period of time. You see, a cell phone has higher, much more powerful technology than a normal home phone, asi t has no wiers to gonnect to. I have heard rumors that talking on a cell phone fora long period of can cause head aches, and with one of the old models, from the 1980's, it can cause a brain tumor.
  • Sure, if someone's shouting at you. ; ) This rather silly rumor is based on the fact that, because they require wireless communication, cell phones radiate. You get the same people whining about it as you do about building new cell towers or, for that matter, nuclear power plants. Fact is, you get more radiation from the potassium in a nearby and largish set of boobs than you do from standing next to any of those things. And you get even more than that every time you go out in the sun. So, logically, if the amount of radiation you get from your cell phone actually bothers you, you'd better stay inside and avoid women. I should add that the first time I heard the headache claim (as opposed to general "radiation is scary!" noises) was on a flyer I got from a public bulletin board. It went on and on about the dangers of cell phones and how children are especially susceptible . . . and then proceeded to make its pitch to sell you a chip you can put in your phone to, I suppose, make the radiation less dangerous? My point is, pay plenty of attention to where you hear these things, and where the friends who tell you about them heard them!
  • not that i know of

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