• No it teaches them to speak improperly!
  • Probably.It would be an interesting experiment to leave a large group of babies together and to grow up without any language but their own.It would be interesting if they developed a common language by themselves over many years.
  • It doesnt help them learn to speak correctly.
  • is really good for the baby which is inside you....
  • I don't think it has any NUTRITIONAL value... but it has emotional value!
  • Sure, if that's what you want them to sound like when they learn to talk.
  • Baby talk is exceptional for babies. What it's not good for is adults seated across the table from me in restaurents.
  • My oldest sister never baby talked to her son who is now 3... he has really good speaking skills and it's creepy how he talks like an adult sometimes by the way he words things. I think babies want you to talk to them period, baby talk or not.. as long as you're talking to them and giving them attention it's aiding them.
  • Who's a cute wittle bubby, coochie coo, yes its you! Well it teaches them that someone is giving them lots of special and good attention, there are sounds in it and short term does not affect intellectual learning however I would stop before 6 months and start using correct words, it is amazing how much and well little ones can pick up.
  • Baby talk is just for the adults who "speak" it - to be cutsey. The babies will comprehend your tone and facial expressions and then later your words. We need to speak normally to our kids so they learn how to speak correctly.
  • I never used baby talk with either of mine - however small they are it sounds condescending to me and makes the person using it sound like an idiot. Incidentally, both of my children started speaking much earlier than friends babies and had a wider vocabulary by the time they went to school, because when I used a word they didn't understand they would question it - and hey presto another word was learnt!

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