• Only if you have an extremely bizarre definition of "liberalism" (as many people do nowadays)...;-D... . . . . .
  • To say that "liberalism" is responsible is dangerous. It is the landed and moneyed elite that have been regulating the masses since the time of the Sumerians. We escaped to an unoccupied continent about 200 years ago but they have just completed rounding us all up and reducing us to indebted wage-slaves again. Enjoy!
  • No, liberalism is what is trying to prevent the second from actually becoming the first. They've always been the primary defenders of the constitution.
  • Thomas Jefferson was a very astute man. I don't think either party has a lock on protecting or destroying the Constitution. Both have been guilty many times. I think what is really destroying it is a constant drip of irresponsibility by the citizenry. Every time someone sues someone in the hope of getting rich, and says it isn't hurting anything because it will only take money from bloated insurance companies, the country and the Constitution take a hit. Every time insurance companies (and these decision are made by people with names and faces, not faceless companies) rob patients, hospitals and doctors to make a huge profit themselves, the country and the constitution take a hit. Every time citizens are selfish and refuse to live up to their duties, the country and the constitution take a hit. Never forget, WE are the country and the constitution. They are only as good as the people who live and die by them.
  • No. Conservatism has already removed hundreds of links of such chains. Liberals are just trying to bring back some sanity, and the Conservatives are crying foul because they like not having such chains.
  • Maybe a little, but I think it's more the right wing that is breaking the chains.
  • Yes and no. It depends on if you're asking about personal rights or fiscal policies. I believe we're moving towards greater individual rights, while at the same time enslaving ourselves with higher taxes for the government to dole out the fruits of our labor to those they deem fit. The first is an improvement, as no man should judge the life or choices of another, so long as he is not directly impacted by it. However, the second is government-forced thievery. Do you feel the same way? You may be a Libertarian.
  • I think the chains have already been broken.

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