• Cigar box juggling
  • collecting bread tags
  • Extreme Sports
  • Well by your standards, it might be spelling properly. However, by my standards, an abnormal extra activity is building medieval inventions of a torturous nature.
  • Answerbagging
  • Chasing turkeys, Creeping up on automatic doors, Collecting thimbles, Copying E-numbers off the back of sweet packets, Singing into glasses of water.... etc.
  • Collecting world bagpipes. I have an Irish bagpipe,a swedish bagpipe,a Greek bagpipe,a medieval bagpipe. I also collect rare folk instruments, a drum from Iran,a diggeridoo ,a therimin (it makes that strange sound in old Sci-fi films), a concertina,and a few others.
  • I like to hang around graveyards, cleaning up graves, repairing them etc. I like to dress up as a box and do the time warp I like to walk many miles to a nudist beach to go and hang upside down for no particular reason. I walk for hours by myself with no real intention of going anywhere There are many more, they are just a few.
  • There's *Alot* of competition for that particular title. -Long, aimless, solitary walks late at night. -Salvaging and reclaiming thing that other people have thrown out. -Growing my hair out.(Yes, I've actually made that into a hobby.) -Climbing high things. -Sneaking up behind people and sticking little labels to the backs of their heads that say "Tenderized, not for resale.". Any one of thsoe could easily be considered my weirdest hobby, but I'll let you decided that for yourself.
  • searching through things thrown out on the side of the road for toys and school needs to take to my orphanages in Bali, Indonesia, would probably be a bit bizarre. People HAVE commented on it, especially when they see me traipsing home with suitcases in tow (I don't drive), but I have been able to dress a whole orphanage of 70 kids just from the great clothing I have found on the roadside. Does that say something about our society and who is more bizarre? :-)
  • Kite boarding...naked?
  • I'm almost afraid to say it....Underwater Karate.
  • It's not mine, but I heard of a fellow who would go out to the local precinct during the swing/graveyard shift change, when all the cops were going on duty and coming off duty, and he would pretend he was a cop coming on duty, and put his clothes in a locker and put on a uniform, and get into a police car and drive around pulling people over and giving them warnings.

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