• Perhaps its a circulation issue? Not enough blood in the ol' digits, you know? Might I suggest a dashing pair of mittens? Or perhaps some beaded gloves, Michael Jackson style?
  • You probably have poor blood circulation to that area. This is often caused by a low level of proper minerals. This is usually due to poor eating habits. See a dietition.
  • If they change color or perhaps hurt sometimes, it could be what is called Reynard's Syndrome, and Carpal Tunnel can make them cold too. This might help:
  • I have this problem sometimes, too. You may have something called Ray Nodes Syndrome. It basically means that your extremities get poor circulation. There is a relatively effective, albeit strange, way to treat ray nodes if it is diagnosed. They can attach a biofeedback machine to your fingers which releases a tone. The warmer your fingers get, the higher and louder the tone becomes. (The machine works by detecting very small amounts of sweat on your fingers. The sweat is used to complete a simple electrical circuit, which makes the tone sound.) Without knowing exactly how, you can will yourself to make the tone increase in pitch and volume. It's a way of learning how to command your body to increase circulation to the fingers.

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