• good ex cheated on me with several girls...then stupid me went back to him and he done it again...i met another guy been with him 3 1/2 years and i still havent gotten over the first it takes a long time..i may never stop loving him for all i know
  • For Me- When I realised that there's something very wrong about the relationship- something I know is not me but of the other. Coz I'm hurt and the other seems to tak things for granted. I'm the succour!!
  • Good question fer sure i been tryin to figure this one out a while! Tried the whole weighing it out thing, pros n cons , looking at all the good things compared to the times we had hurt eachother and finally realized that for me it was mostly based on codependent factors and jealousy though i didn't want to admit it .Not that i couldn't be without rather that i become so comfortable with that it was hard to match and being in the same town i would never go long enough without seeing her to give my new companion a chance. So it was more or less the memory of those initially true moments of love that we kept going back to each time wed say id love you but in reality that love the true love was past. " Do we hold onto what we once had not making room for what we could now, if theres a drag of remembrance turn into deliverance somehow" -sir Daniel D. Whitfield

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