• They are harsh enough if we would punish to the letter of the law.
  • Ever heard of repeat offenders? Crime is their life and you and i pay for it. We pay to house and feed criminals with our taxes. We pay when we are victims and lose our personal property. We pay when a family member is raped or killed. There can never be enough punishment for a criminal.
  • Depends on what country or region in that country your in. but for most stuff I think laws are too harsh
  • Depends on the crime. I think most of them need to be made much harsher, but there are some stupid laws out there that give big sentences where it's not deserved.
  • Some crimes have punishments that are much too harsh, and other crimes are punished too lightly. For example, people can be put in jail for years for something like having a bag of weed, and a rapist can do a deal with the courts and be out in 8 years, back on the streets to the horror of his victims. Not to say that things are always like this, but punishments vary, and sometimes they are far to lax or far to strict.
  • WAY harsher...for instance, drunk driving should NOT be tolorated time and time again, first offense should be punished as the 3rd strike is currently-how many lives would that save???
  • I think many crimes are punished too harshly and many others not nearly harshly enough - but it isn't just about the time inside prison! I object to criminals being provided with a University education whilst they are serving time, then being given a new identity to protect them on release from jail - petty criminals who have maybe done a little shop lifting get a worse deal than murderers; they don't get a new identity or the slate wiped clean and may find it impossible to get a job, but the murderer with his degree and new persona can leave jail squeaky clean! Case in point - the two vicious little bas*$&% who killed Jamie Bulger; changed the precedent in UK law by being the youngest ever to be tried for murder and then after serving a little over eight years they were set free - new identities and degrees the pair of them - they should have spent far longer in jail and probably should have been left to rot there!
  • I am not sure if most of the laws need to be harsher, the ones that I believe should be harsher, are the ones that are physically violent against a person, such as Rape, murder, child abuse, domestic abuse, etc. For the other crimes, if they would make them complete their full sentences, then they might learn something from it. A man gets 7 years and he serves 6 months.

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