• I think he's right, there is no reason for them to be released.
  • I think they should be released for it is the right of the citizen to see them.The rights are eroding fast enough without more random ones ,like this one.Since there were terrible things done,they should be shown.The White House is using the old "Out of sight out of mind" thinking.They make up a lame excuse and hope everything is forgotten.
  • at last someone with a heart is standing up for what is right. why would anyone want to be embarrassed like that on national television? give them to the library of congress for storage.
  • The ACLU just wants to smear them all over the world and brag how great the ACLU is. How many other countries have torture chambers no one knows about?
  • I agree with the ACLU on this. Put your money where your mouth is Obama! You want to change and show "transparency" in government let the people who elected you to do that see the pictures!
  • What is the point in showing them? We all know what happened.
  • I don't think the ACLU's motives are as innocent as they claim. I suspect this is much more about bragging rights that they forced the federal government to do something it didn't want to. These pictures provide no information to the public, they simply fan the flames of anti-American sentiment that already run rampant in much of the middle east. On the other hand, our courts have ruled. Since your question was about Obama's actions I must respond with: I disagree with him. After letting it get this far I don't think it was his place to stop it now. We must follow the laws we set for ourselves.
  • The ACLU is a vile organization now that is only about promoting a radical left wing agenda. While I am no fan of Obama by any stretch, I think he is right on this one and shouldn't allow the ACLU to act like they are the fourth branch of government as they think they are.
  • If people were to be killed because of reaction to the photos (reaction to the actions has long faded), would the ACLU accept responsibility for the deaths? I don't think so. There is no good reason for releasing photos that everybody already knows the content of.
  • Should be kept secret. What good will it do. ACLU sucks. A bunch of lawyers with nothing better to do. Terrorists can use photos as a rallying point. Innocent people could be killed as act of "revenge". What is done is done.
  • I don't like it. I asked you yesterday on another thread what you thought and I don't think you responded. Do you like it? :(
  • It occurs to me he is carring on with what Bush did except with a new twist you'll see in about a year what it is we have going on here.
  • Yes it would reduce morale of the troops to put out those pictures.
  • Yes. If those pictures are released, it is too likely that Al Qaida will use them to identify and kill those soldiers and/or their families.
  • Yes,very much so.
  • Very good
  • A example of Obama being a good president and doing whats best for our troops and American citizens abroad.
  • they shouldn't be released. There is no reason why the public needs to see what's going on in Gitmo, good or bad. The one thing so far that I agree with Obama on. . See, we conservatives don't disagree with everything Obama does!
  • I assume that he has very good reasons to go back on a campaign promise. Probably his analysts have given him cause to believe that it would be too harmful to US interests to do so. . To me it speaks well of him that he doesn't assume that his image is more important than anything else. . Credit where credit is due.
  • One of the very few things he has gotten right so far.

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