• Here is just one idea, but don't limit yourself to it. Talk to lots of other small business owners or managers. They all have stories to tell. Sometimes you can learn a lot from the experiences others have had and how they handled different problems. That is cheap and sometimes you can discover some great solutions this way.
  • A favorite of mine is where you can educate yourself and pick up some reliable basics. However, if a legal issue comes up that is complex, your best bet is to seek advice from an attorney. Also see, it is an online resource guide designed to provide legal and regulatory information to America's small businesses. The site also acts as a gateway to federal, state and local information that affects small businesses.
  • Yes, I married a lawyer.. Seriously, I have found to be useful in addition to the above mentioned sites and methods..
  • there are small business associations (SBA) everywhere
  • the Small Business Association is a good source

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