• I do not believe that we will be driving cars in 2049 IF the prophcies of 2012 come true .. I do believe that Something WILL happen in 2012 that WILL change the world as we know it ....
  • im guessing they will not look anything like that web site in which you referenced to.. people can take pokes at what they might look like, but they have no clue.. remember in back to the future part II where they went to the future? cars dont look anything like that now (they traveled to the year 2010). hopefully, by 2049, cars will be able to fly/hover/time-travel etc etc.. might look something like a spaceship
  • he he
  • At the rate of how things are going cars will be banned and we will all be back to walking.
  • Cars will probably look pretty much like they do now, I expect there to be a stage where we all have to drive Eco-cars that you to be too ashamed to take to the scrap yard, then they will start to have a cool factor :p Cars, along with most forms of transport, have just improved. There hasn't been a revolutionary concept in many decades.
  • They haven't changed much in the last 40 years, so why should they change much in the next 40? 1970 Dodge Challenger 2010 Dodge Challenger
  • They'll be flying like hovercraft using electro-magnetic thingamajiggys like in that Bruce Willis movie.
  • I don't think we will still have cars by then.The planet will most likely be so populated that we will have to use a small personal aircraft to get around...who knows!?
  • i think they will look like hovering sphere's or strange hovering prisms... i hope
  • Something like this but maybe with wings.
  • there goin to start all over and use the first model cars
  • In 2049 all cars will be made to look like the oscar mayer weiner mobile, this breakthrough will cut car thefts in half. The car will be fueled by you ipod play list, and instead of safety belts unemployed college graduates will sit behind your backseat and hold you with there own arms.
  • They won't look much different from what they do now. There's not a chance that our infrastructure will evolve enough to accommodate any serious technological advancements in only 40 years. There may be longer range electric cars available by then (keep up the good work, Tesla!!!) but as long as we're addicted to oil we'll still be using some form of internal combustion.
  • I believe the cars will be looking like the hover boards that are covered in a non breakable glass . The government stoped the making of the hover board because of the cost . It would be cheep tp make , and no oil to have to buy to use them . But someday soon that will look very good to them the hover cars if they have to walk everywhere .Think about why we have to buy cars on gas , and not other ways . MONEY.
  • Almost like today's car but in a more aerodynamic shape.
  • Six will fit in a present day Hummer.
  • They wont exist because we humans are amazingly superior and would have already evolved jetpacks to sprout from our backs so we can fly everywhere.
  • I guess more new design will come out.. like a flying car it's not impossible. And possible there will be a car just like a jet. Resource:

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